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With a baby, a household, or a full-time job, you may fear that you are too busy to attend seat-based schools.

But Arizona State University online will help you advance the education and earn a new or higher degree flexibly, effectively, and smartly.

Founded in 1885 with the name of Tempe Normal School for the Arizona Territory, Arizona State University today is the largest public university in the US on the count of enrollment. To meet the demands of people with busy schedules, ASU has developed a full line of undergraduate and graduate programs online in a diversity of subjects, including history, criminal justice, nursing, health sciences, psychology, sociology, political science, film & media, family & human development, engineering and much more, as well as MBA and a variety of certificate-oriented courses.

Why Arizona State University Online?

Given the plentiful online universities, is there any solid reason for us to choose Arizona State University? Ranked to be the second most entrepreneurial university in the US, ASU offers a wealth of online programs for students who would like to study at home while connecting with real-world university experience. Every online program at ASU is created and developed by the sophisticated and professional faculty who also teach on ASU real campuses – engaging and inspiring students in the same meaningful way! Students learning at ASU online can enjoy:

Interaction with excellent instructors recognized globally
Easy access to collections in ASU’s 8 awesome libraries
A large network of membership in the online community
24/7 research assistance and technical help
Year-round services and programs designed for your future careers
The most updated learning technologies, such as Gmail dedicated for ASU, Google apps, and an array of modern software titles

How About the Quality of ASU Online Courses?

The term “QM” (quality matters) applies to prove the quality of online courses based on a faculty-centered and student-review process. Nowadays, this phrase is recognized as one of the most effective ways to certify online teaching and learning.

Starting from 2008, ASU is already a QM approved institution. Instructors at ASU take QM into course design and make it the standard for online course review and revision. It ensures that all ASU online courses are clearly delivered and the interaction between the faculty and students is meaningful and individualized.

How Much Do ASU Online Programs Cost?

As we know, education online is less expensive than that in a brick and mortar classroom, for it can help you save expenses on daily commuting, books or even food.

The tuition fees of Arizona State University online courses vary slightly based on the degree programs and the amount of credit hours you select. Most courses of ASU online come in three credits. Listed below are the tuition fees for graduate and undergraduate programs in 2012 school terms.

Undergraduate Program

Spring: $425 per credit hour
Summer: $425 per credit hour
Fall: $442 per credit hour

Graduate Program

Spring: $445 per credit hour
Summer: $445 per credit hour
Fall: $458 per credit hour

It is notable that most graduate programs of ASU online may charge additional fees. Besides, the tuition is 100% refundable by the end of the first week of every 7.5 week session.

When and How to Apply?

Each year, ASU provides six start opportunities for online students, respectively two during the spring semester, two in the summer and two during the fall. You can start the application whenever you are ready. Of course, there are application deadlines for each semester.

To make sure your application meets the specific requirement, you are advised to apply on asuonline.asu.edu. Select the degree and program you wish to enroll into and click “Apply Now.” To finish your application, you need to mail your official transcripts to ASU and submit $65 non-refundable application fee. The mailing address is:

Undergraduate Admissions

Arizona State University
P.O. Box 872412
Tempe, AZ 85287-2412

Once your application is accepted by ASU, you will receive an email which gives you an ASUrite ID as well as activation code. With your ASUrite ID and password, you can login to My ASU and follow your online courses listed on the My Classes section.

Arizona State University Official Website: http://www.asu.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Arizona State University. For accurate and professional information, go to Arizona State University official site.

Arizona State University
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Arizona State University, a public research university founded in 1885, offers you the opportunities to experience its academic excellence and interact with national leading professors with the ease at home!

Ranked as the 23rd best university in social science by the Center for World-Class Universities, ASU provides top-tiered on-campus education to feed traditional students. However, to foster other students who are unable to balance the time between work and study, ASU develops online learning programs which are much more affordable, convenient and flexible.

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