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Career Counseling

Determining the career you truly want to pursue is not easy; it is even harder to understand in which job field you are more likely to succeed.

At some point, we all will ask questions like: Am I happy with my current job? Do I want to explore more job opportunities? What is my favorite job?

When boiled down, these questions would pose one, only one enigma: What career is your career? This is a question offering no easy answer.

Luckily for us, there is this thing termed as “online career counseling” that points for us a way out.

What is online career counseling all about?

Online career counseling is similar to career coaching, which is carried out by real-world professional counselors. The only difference is that you interact in a computer network instead of a real person.

Online career counseling emphasizes issues like career change, career exploration and career development with which those coming for counseling are most concerned. It is a process of helping candidates get into a career that suits their interest, personality, aptitude and skills by making an interactive correlation between external employability factors with the candidate’s internal psychology.

This process involves tests that focus on aptitude and personality, aiming at exploring the hidden details of the candidate. You go through these tests by answering questions and making multiple choices.

Assessments are made according to your performance in the quiz-and-answer drill, and career advice is supported by analysis during the process.

The whole process generally takes less than 1 hour, depending on the elements involved in the process provided by different virtual counselors on the websites.

How can online career counseling help you?

Despite the fact that its accuracy and reliability has been questioned and even rejected, online career counseling has gained popularity as a guidance and reference.

It offers candidates a chance to find and understand their strength so that they can make a balanced and more advantageous career choice. Generally, it helps in

• Strengths & weakness identification

Online career counseling gives you the chance to get exposed to expertly designed and developed tests. Your response to these tests helps you to indentify your strengths, talents, skills and abilities as well as weakness. With this awareness, there is a good chance that you won’t be confused or following the flow when either choosing a career or considering a career change.

• Career goals determination

No matter how varied its forms or programs can be, online career counseling ultimately leads to helping you set your career goals. It gives you a better understanding of your ability and potential job opportunities, which is essential to your goal setting. Some counseling even outlines the steps to follow in order to reach the goals.

• Career choice decision

Whether you would succeed in the career you choose largely depends on how you make your career choice. Online career counseling has the special access to the many career possibilities available on the job market. As a result, with its help, you may be able to select the most suitable one.

• Job searching support

Online career counseling often prepares you with necessary tools and resources and expert guidance for your job hunting in today’s fiercely competitive job market. Assistance you can get includes resume preparation, cover letter writing and interview skills training.

Career Counseling
What to Know about Online Career Counseling

When it comes to landing a job, salary is definitely not the only thing you need to consider.

Job satisfaction as well as career prospects will also play an important role. Besides, you should take longevity and security into account. Well, facing all these things you may find it difficult to make a decision among different job options. In that case, it is a good idea to get outside help. You may give a thought to career counseling.

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