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Career Tests

Deciding what you want do for a living is never easy, whether you are a graduate hunting for job in the marketplaces or an adult thinking about changing career.

Often, you halt between the kind of job you are more interested in and the type of job in which you can excel.

Handy and effective, online career tests help a lot in tricky case like this.

How do online career tests work?

They are designed to help you make more informed career options by showing how a spectrum of personal factors affects your success in different careers and work environments. Factors often referenced include personal interests, values, motivations, aptitudes, preference and skills.

Mostly web-based, online career tests first introduce common career-related quiz-and-answer drills for you to choose, then give corresponding answers and suggestions of potential job opportunities. Career advice and guidance and resources to advance your career path are usually offered to make a sound decision.

Quizzes asked concentrate on the job you would rather do and the one you are more likely to succeed. Common quizzes include: “what do you want from this test?”, “Are you able to tolerate negative qualities in your work?”, “Where do you gain sense of satisfaction in your career?”, “Do you prefer a male dominated career field or female dominated one?”.

Personality quizzes are involved, including, “What do you feel when entering a crowded party?”, “Are you more reasonable than sensitive? “How do you make an impression on people you just met?”.

You get a score after finishing the quizzes by making a choice for each question. The website would respond by analyzing your answers. Suggestions of potential career opportunities in a specific field are offered for your reference.

Top online career tests

•Myer-Briggs( MBTI)

As one of the top personality type indicators, MBTI is a psychological preference questionnaire. Based on the theory of psychological type, it is supposed to make assessments on how people perceive the world and make decisions.

•Career Key

Dating back to 1990s, it is a scientific and practical source for choosing an ideal career. It compares your personality type to six other types, so that you can get a clear idea of your traits and in which career your personality can do you the best.

Do online career tests work?

The accuracy of career tests has been questioned and online ones do not find a narrow escape. For example, these tests are often too vague, meaning that answers are self-evident.

We don’t have to search deep down to give an answer.

Another problem with theses tests is that we can easily get distracted by sensitive factors like salary. When facing a higher salary, we often “betray” original intention. We may let high salaries get the better of us and ignore issues like work environment or job security.

That said, you may have a better understanding of online career tests. It is not hard to see that online career tests should be used as helpful guides for us to consider alternative careers or explore unknown abilities rather than determiners.

Tips for Choosing Career Choice Tests

With so many kinds of career choice tests available, people may have some difficulties in selecting the most favorable ones. As a matter of fact, we do have some quick and easy ways for selecting a quality career choice test among the various options. Here are some guides that may be useful for you:

1. Make sure you have found a reliable career test issuer.

There are many kinds of career choice tests online and in other places. Choosing a reliable career test issuer is very important for you to get professional tests and accurate assessments.

2. Check whether it is created by well-known professionals.

Professional career tests are usually created and designed by some well known specialists. Search something about the creators to make sure whether the test is set up with technical knowledge and assessments.

3. Find out if it offers interest tests.

A good career test usually comes along with an interest test. The career interest test helps users to find out their interests and hobbies. In this way they can find some new jobs that contain their interested activities.

4. Learn about the aptitude tests.

A quality career test also measures people’s aptitudes towards jobs by requiring people to take a processional career aptitude test. This test is used to help people figure out their inclinations about jobs.

5. Know about its assessment on personalities.

Professional career choice tests also provide career personality test, which is designed to help users to dig out their characters and temperaments. At the end of the test, the assessment will offer excellent job career options for different types of people.

Various Types of Career Tests for Different Groups

There are several types of career tests which focus on different groups of people. they are listed below:

Career Test for Kids will help kids to learn more about their interests, attributes and abilities and select their potential careers based on these. The results of the tests will enable them to have a clear awareness of their future careers and make effort to realize their goals.

Career tests for high school students fall into three groups, including IQ tests, interest tests and personality tests. These there types of tests focus on different themes. Personality tests centers on basic attributes and interest tests base on hobbies and interests while IQ tests focus on intelligence.

In case that you are a college student and try to make life orientation, you’d better turn to Career Tests for College Students Free. These tests will base on your strengths, weakness and interests and help you to choose a proper career.

If you are considerate enough and want to receive career tests earlier, Career test for middle school students are your best choice. The test enables you to receive the career tests and thus to make preparation for your future career and life as early as possible.

How to Know Which Career Is Ideal for You

No matter you are a newly-graduated student or experienced professional who considers career changing, you might feel befuddled faced with all the available career options. Don’t worry if you have no idea about what you want to do. Take a color career test, and you will know which field you are most interested in.

The Dewey Color System is now considered as the world’s most accurate career test, and it does offer detailed report regarding your personality and ability. The full report not only gives out your 1st and 2nd best occupation categories, but also provides success tips.

For students who don’t know whether they are ready for the career ahead, it’s better to take the career placement test offered by high school or college. This comprehensive test can tell you if you are prepared to entire the field you’ve studied for years, based on your capabilities for reading, writing, Math and English, etc.

Once you decide which career path is ideal for you, you need to make a plan to fulfill your dream. Besides, you might need to receive training or attend necessary courses to meet certain requirements. Maybe a career planning test will be helpful for you, since it will recommend useful courses for you to improve your job performance, depending on your hard and soft skills. Or you can take a career compatibility test instead.

Both of these tests can analysis your personal interest, characteristics and abilities. Therefore, you can get a better understanding of yourself and know how to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.

Career Tests