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Dedicated to online learning for over 40 years, Colorado State University is committed to providing flexible and superior degrees and courses online.

Online learning programs at Colorado State University prepare learners with high quality courses, featuring 20 graduate programs for those desiring to advance their career with master’s or Ph.D degree and undergraduate degree-completion program for bachelor’s degree.

Master in Business Administration

Designed to allowing you maximum flexibility, this online MBA program offers a comprehensive program with an on-campus classroom environment. It enables working professional around the world like you to maintain career while earning a graduate degree via online learning and streaming video. In addition, its study plan aims at ensuring you a complete understanding of specific concepts before you actually participate in the program.

• Program features

1) It allows you to learn a demanding academic program instructed by leading faculty and practitioners.

2) Offers you the chance to work on projects and assignments with experienced fellow professionals from diversified backgrounds.

3) You are able to apply what you learn, relevant knowledge and concepts to the practical job field with special analytical tools.

4) You are enabled to complete the degree in less than 21 months or up to five years, depending on your personal schedule.

5) The degree you are to obtain is accredited by the AACSB International, the distinguished international accrediting agency for business schools and colleges.

• Career prospects

Professionals having graduated from the MBA program offered by Colorado University work in recognized businesses including Accenture, Advanced Energy, Federal Research, Hewlett-Packard Company, Navigant Consulting, Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery. The list keeps going.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

This online Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MAIOP) degree program focuses on the improvement of a specific business or organization by studying the individual behavior in this business or organization. Practitioner-oriented, this degree provides practical knowledge and skills with an eye on research and consulting, which are essential to solve workplace issues and to put psychology principles to human resources within a business.

• Program features

1) It delivers the skills to recruit, select and retain experienced employees.

2) It enables you to identify training and development needs.

3) You will learn how to create, carry out and manage employee and leadership development programs.

4) You will be enabled to deal with complex issues like workplace diversity; manage job satisfaction surveys.

• Career prospects

As the terminal degree in this field, a MAIOP degree renders you employment prospects in fields like Human resources and personnel selection; Job analysis, compensation and benefits; training and training evaluation; Leadership development and succession planning; Organizational development; Research and academia.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Liberal Arts

Aiming at providing a comprehensive liberal arts education, this program emphasizes coursework in communications, economics, political science, humanities and sociology. You will learn essential skills such as effective writing and verbal communication, analytical thinking and problem solving.

• Program features

This undergraduate degree program is the first online B.A. in Liberal Arts offered from a Colorado university. It helps to explore opportunities to get a flexible, high quality education no matter where you are in your life and career. It allows you to select courses in which you are interested and can best suit your career objectives. It prepares you with a discipline specific to your career orientation after you build a solid foundation and complete a degree minor.

• Career prospects

A B.A. degree in Liberal Arts allows you to participate in and apply to a spectrum of careers, including public policy, law, business, sales and marketing, information systems, education, mass media, city planning, communication, entertainment and more.

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Colorado State University
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With more than 40 years of experience in online learning, Colorado State University prepares you with convenient, flexible and premier graduate courses.

What is still better is that, you can choose a course to pursue your educational or professional goals without necessarily being an admitted student to register.

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Online Courses at Colorado State University

As a public research and state’s land grant university located in Fort Collins, Colorado State University is a flagship university of the Colorado State University system.

Colorado State University is home to approximately 27,500 resident and non-resident students and 1,540 faculties, 8 colleges, 55 academic departments, 65 study fields of bachelor’s degrees and 55 master’s degrees. The research expenditures of Colorado State University ranks second among public universities in the nation according to the survey in 2011.

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