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Established in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, Cornell University is a private land-grant university located in Ithaca, New York, United States.

This university is one of the world famous Ivy League universities in America. It is now a great co-educational and non-sectarian institution that is aimed at making contributions in all fields of knowledge, ranging from the theoretical to the applied.

As the motto “I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study” (a popular quotation from Ezra Cornell) indicates, Cornell University is really trying its best to be excellent in all fields of knowledge with all kinds of forms, including various online programs and courses. Online schooling is one of the most famous programs offered by Cornell University. With this favorable course, people can get easy access to Cornell University’s courses without going to the school everyday.

As one of the most famous Ivy League universities in the United States, Cornell University deals with a wide selection of online programs and courses for people from various fields. No matter you are planning to obtain associate degree, bachelor degree, master degree, MBA degree or doctoral degree, Cornell University is sure to be a top option with various excellent online programs. The following is a brief overview on the online schooling courses from Cornell University:

Individual and Group Certificate Programs

Cornell University has many kinds of wonderful certificate programs for people from all works of life. These certificate programs are intended to improve people’s practical skills and technical abilities. Thus they can achieve better performance in studies or in their careers. Online certificate programs from Cornell University include:

Human Resources Management – This program has many options for various people who work for or want to work for human resources. Excellent human resource courses from Cornell University are: HR selection and staffing, HR foundations of employee relations, human resources practices, human resources practices plus, advanced strategic human resource practice, advanced strategic human resource practice plus, international human resources practices and human resource directors certificate.

Hospitality and Foodservice Management – Courses under this programs are hospitality marketing, restaurant revenue management, foodservice management, hospitality management, strategic leadership for the hospitality professional, hotel revenue management, hotel real estate investment and asset management, leading customer-focused teams, master certificate in hospitality management and master certificate in foodservice management.

Leadership and Strategic Management – Online courses related to this program include business leadership skills, high performance leadership, change leadership, executive leadership and managing for execution courses.

Project Leadership and Systems Design – Cornell University also offers several great programs for people who want to learn more on project leadership and systems design. Courses are master certificate in systems design and project leadership, customer-focused product and service design as well as project leadership.

Financial Management – If you want to obtain a degree on financial management, Cornell University has quality programs as well. This program teaches how to interpret financial information, recognize risk and effectively communicate financial strategies too maximize economic value.

Management Essentials – This program mainly deals with courses and certificates for supervisory skills, such as resolving workplace confrontations, preventing inappropriate manners and many other things.

Marketing – For people who want to learn more about marketing, Cornell University has a great online course named marketing strategy for business leaders. It helps to equip the business leaders and managers with MBA-level marketing concepts and tools as well as many other high-level skills.

Healthcare – There are also some fine online healthcare programs at Cornell University. They are healthcare facilities planning and design, executive leadership for healthcare professionals and master certificate in healthcare leadership.

Personal Interest Courses

If you are seeking for some nice personal development courses online, Cornell University has wonderful options as well. Together with Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Colin Campbell Foundation and the Society for Human Resource Management, Cornell University has worked out some favorable personal development courses:

CLO 501: courtship and rivalry in birds
TCC501: nutrition fundamentals
TCC502: diseases of affluence
TCC503: principles in practice
PHR01: SHRM PHR/SPHR pre-course

Professional Accreditations

Cornell University offers some great online professional accreditations programs as well. Known as a registered provider of professional recertification credits, Cornell University has several online institutions for continuing education courses and professional accreditations:

Human Resources Certification Institute – This unit deals with various PHR and APHR certification and recertification courses on the internet. Both individuals and organizations can get easy access to these courses.

Project Management Institute – Cornell University is a designated online provider of global registered education. People can obtain professional certification through a wide array of leadership, strategic management, financial management and management development courses.

Cornell University Official Website: http://www.cornell.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Cornell University. For accurate and professional information, go to Cornell University official site.

Cornell University
Cornell University Online Certificate Programs in Human Resources

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Cornell University online certificate programs in HR management are right for you.

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Cornell University Online Certificate Programs for Foodservice Management

Do you have a heart for foodservice management rather than in the cooking?

Or are you in a manager position faced with the ever-growing challenge of managing foodservice in a restaurant, bar, club, and other similar establishments that provide food and beverage to customers? If so, join Cornell University online certificate programs in foodservice management and take your ability to a higher level!

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Learn Cornell University Online Certificate Programs

Billing itself as a famous Ivy League university located in Ithaca in New York in the United States, Cornell University is a world famous private land-grant university housing more than 25000 enrollments.

After its foundation in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, this great school has developed into a top-ranking university featuring fourteen colleges and schools across the United States.

As a big-league university in the world, Cornell University welcomes all the students from various countries for further studies. Except for a wide selection of quality traditional courses and programs, there are also many kinds of wonderful online programs and courses at Cornell University, such as online degree programs, online master courses, and online certificate programs as well as many others. Now we will figure out some details about Cornell University online certificate programs.

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Cornell University For-Credit Online Courses & Professional Development

Established in 1865, Cornell University is a private endowed university with federal land-grant for certain educational missions.

Over the century-plus years, Cornell University has grown into a large residential research university, consisting of 14 colleges and schools, providing 70 undergraduate majors and 93 graduate fields of study.

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