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Cosmetology Schools

If you want to become a cosmetologist, it sounds to be a good idea to enroll in a cosmetology school.

A good cosmetology school often provides quality training and education. With the completion of the training programs, you can always have infinite career possibilities in the fields of spa and beauty. Cosmetology schools differ greatly in the arrangement of curriculums. Most programs will provide in-depth training in hair care, skin care techniques, manicures and other beauty treatments.

But when you can’t devote the time to meet the demanding schedules of a physical cosmetology school, an online cosmetology course may be ideal for you. Featuring 24-hour access to courses, online cosmetology schools enable students to set their own learning schedule. Students don’t have to step foot on a physical campus.

What Online Cosmetology Courses Offer?

Most online cosmetology schools share some common courses. Students are able to have interactive studies in beauty make-up, manicures & pedicures, beauty salon management and beauty therapy. Additional online cosmetology courses also highlight professional training in skin care, esthetics, business management and other relevant areas. It’s easy to see that there’s no big difference between the curriculum of online cosmetology schools and traditional ones.

Who can Take Advantage of Online Cosmetology Schools?

Online cosmetology schools are a desirable option for people leading busy lives. It’s possible to learn cosmetology at your pace and in your own home. For people desire for a career in the field of cosmetology, online cosmetology courses can be used as a stepping stone to get some basic skills. These online cosmetology courses lay a foundation for further study in a cosmetology trade school.

Professional cosmetologists can also enroll in an online cosmetology school to further their knowledge in the field of beauty. They can take online courses without giving up their current employment opportunities. Therefore, currently licensed cosmetologists, manicurists and estheticians who seek career advancement can take online cosmetology classes.

But it’s impossible to get complete cosmetology education through an online course. Online training for the purpose of license renewal is not allowed in all U.S. states. If you want to get a license in cosmetology, you will have to attend a public or private cosmetology school and pass your state’s examinations. To attend online cosmetology courses, you must have high school diploma or GED, certification and licensure.

How Long Does an Online Cosmetology Course Take?

Generally, a certification of cosmetology requires one or two year of full-time study. To complete the online cosmetology training, the average time is 1,500 to 2,000 hours. Online cosmetology schools always have diverse learning subject. As for the length of time to complete an online cosmetology school course, it totally depends on how much time you’d like to commit to online classes. Each state has different regulations on curriculums and hours for certifications.

No matter how long it takes, make sure to choose an accredited school for degree or certificate programs. Read on and get a brief look at two accredited online cosmetology schools.

• Cosmetology Campus – Cosmetology Campus offers continuing education courses for current cosmetology professionals in several states, including Florida, Texas, Wisconsin and Georgia etc.

The online program covers studies in many areas, such as hair color, electric nail files and pedicures.

• Modern Salon Learning – Two different types of online cosmetology courses are available at the school. Online courses are designed to teach cosmetology professionals the completion of popular new haircuts. You can find courses on haircuts, hair coloring and hair styling.

An Overview of Cosmetology Schools

Choosing a career concerning beauty and fashion is really fantastic. If you are considering starting your own business and have a promising future, receiving professional training from well-known cosmetology schools is of much importance. James Albert School of Cosmetology is such a school featuring six locations in different states. This school provides their students useful cosmetology training skills and knowledge. Following is some other recommendable cosmetology schools in the United States.

1. As one of the most prestigious cosmetology schools in the United States, Avalon School of Cosmetology is helping more and more people find affordable and complete cosmetology training than ever. What is more, the financial aids of this school are multiple and helpful.

2. Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School is another recommendable school. When taking the Paul Mitchell cosmetology courses, you can learn the basic cosmetology program featuring design, coloring, cutting, multicultural techniques as well as the art of hairdressing and makeup.

3. Empire Beauty schools is the nation’s leading cosmetology and beauty educator with over 100 beauty schools and cosmetology schools in the U.S.

4. Aveda Cosmetology School is very common and enjoys a good market in the United States. You can find this school in Los Angeles, Columbus, Las Vegas as well as Texas and many more. With the help of Aveda, you will get success and fulfillment in a remarkable range of careers.

Get Licensed for Cosmetology in US

Considering a job change for better payments? You are not alone.

Today, cosmetologists are among the well-paid jobs in the US, with the average salary of $27,070 per year, drawing more people into this profitable industry. Since everyone wants to look beautiful and the population in the US keeps growing, the demand for cosmetologists is expected to remain on the rise.

According to the US laws, people performing cosmetological activities must hold a cosmetology license. Each state has specific requirements on licensing, while all of them require license applicants to complete certain hours of training at cosmetology schools.

The amounts of training hours vary from state to state. For instance:

• Students at cosmetology schools in California have to finish 1,600 hours in cosmetology, 1,500 hours in barbering, 600 hours in esthetics, and 400 hours in nail technology.

• Cosmetology schools in Texas provide programs of 1,500 hours in cosmetology, 35 hours in hair braiding, 750 hours in esthetics, 600 hours in nail technology, and 300 hours in hair weaving.

• Learners at cosmetology schools in Florida must complete 1,200 hours in cosmetology, 240 hours in nail technology, and 260 hours in skin care.

After the completion of the specified hours, applicants need to take a licensing test. It is only when they pass the exam that they can obtain the cosmetology license.

In the US, cosmetology schools exist in large numbers, providing well-designed programs to help students pass the upcoming licensing test, or keep learners updated with the latest cosmetology knowledge and skills. For example, currently there are over 30 cosmetology schools in Georgia, and students can select the one that offers the training program of their particular interest.

Cosmetology Schools
Get Quality Career Training from Top Online Cosmetology Schools

Everyone wants to feel and look good and keep themselves attractive.

Cosmetology is the field where you can learn how to become more fashion and beauty oriented. Many people, like you and me, are very interested in this industry and are curious to learn more about this fashion industry. But not all of us can devote enough time to meet the demanding class schedules when you’re seeking a career in cosmetology. That’s not a problem any more.

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