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Driving Schools

Why do you learn driving? There may be numerous different reasons.

Nevertheless, no matter what the cause, if your plans are to drive a used Ford or new eco-model, what you need to learn is the same, including driving skills as well as the rules and regulations on the road. To get started, a great way is to enroll into a driving school. In driving schools, you will have classes involving driving knowledge and skills on the road.

Driving Classes

When it comes to driving classes, they are very important, because driving schools would teach students about road rules and regulations in the United States and other progressive counties in a fun and interactive way. In addition, these schools also teach students basic driving skills on surface streets and expressways. Generally speaking, these lessons are available in the two forms, including:

• Classroom Instruction – Classroom instruction may differ from school to school. Students may have the chance to watch educational videos demonstrating proper observance of driving rules or get instruction from a teacher. In California, prospective drivers may require to attend a 30-hour classroom instruction.

• Behind-the-wheel Classes – These classes usually run as long as one hour or two each session. The sessions may be taken over several days or weeks. In most behind-the-wheel classes, students will learn how to drive a car with an automatic transmission, although some schools may also offer lessons in stick-shift driving. In California, six hours of behind-the-wheel training is required.

Today, drivers education is also available online, through online driving schools. Be noted not all states have online drivers education. These online driving schools usually include active interaction with their students, helping them to complete the courses at their own pace entirely. Some of these schools even allow students to attempt their final tests again and again, if they failed the first time.

As an added advantage of these schools, students can fulfill their driving requirements as fast as they want. In emergency situations, some online schools would mail certificates by express service to you or straight to the court concerned, to minimize all changes of delay.


Driving education from schools requires some materials. These materials usually include a driving handbook (from a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles), reading materials (provided by the driving school) and sample driving tests. Lesson plans and curriculum readings may be also offered to students, which helps them pass the written test, as well as prepare them before hitting the road.


The cost of driving school varies, depending on the amount of hours of instruction a student takes. Classroom instruction may cost around $30 to $180, while behind-the-wheel instruction may cost around $50 to $150 per person. As an economical alternative, driving packages are also available. A package usually contains classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training, with a charge around $400.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Driving School

With so many driving schools out there, how do you choose among all of them? Here are two main aspects to consider before you choose a driving school.

• Online or in a class – Having said that, driving lessens can be available both online and in traditional classroom. If you decide to take driving lessons in a classroom, anther thing you need to consider is the class schedule. Many driving schools will offer classes in the evenings and on the weekends, for the sake of convenience.

If you have a busy schedule or there is no driving school in your area, an online driving school can be an excellent option. Some online schools simply take the state’s drivers manual and post it online.

More quality schools will take the time to create interactive studies, offer streaming video and test your knowledge with online quizzes.

• State-agency approval or licensing – Once your have decided the way to learn (online or in a classroom), you want to start researching the available driving schools. For states on a request of drivers education, their licensing agencies also usually take charge of licensing these driving schools.

Thus, you should ensure whether the driving school of your choice is properly licensed. State licensing agencies would take the time to evaluate each driving school and their courses to ensure course materials are being taught correctly. Once the course meets their review process, the state agency will issue a license to the driving school.

Considerations before Choosing a Driving School

Do you need a driving school to learn fundamental knowledge and skills about driving?
Would you like to pick up positive defensive driving skills?
Are you looking for a good driving school for your teens?

Whatever purpose you bear for taking driving education, you can find a variety of schools with the training program that meets your specific needs. Then how to find the best option out of such a wide range of schools? Make a couple of minutes for the following tips.

1. Location. When considering a driving school, the first thing you need to think about is location. It is better to choose a school with as many locations as possible, for that in some extent indicates the financial strength.

For instance, Sears Driving School has locations in over 50 cities throughout the US, and you can choose one that is closest to your home, making your training convenient and flexible.

2. Instructors. Instructors play a crucial role in your study of driving. A good instructor will teach you basic knowledge as well as his/her own expert skills on how to solve traffic emergencies. When you are checking a driving school, be sure to ask about its instructor information.

If you want to find a school staffed with top-rated instructors, go with 911 Driving School. It is the only driving education facility in the US that is staffed with police officers. All the classes and training lessons are given by local police officers, who know well how to become a safe driver.

3. Vehicles. To make sure that you obtain the best quality education, it is better to select a school with dual controlled vehicles. This will ensure you the ability to drive any car.

For people living in New York Metropolitan area, you can take a look at Ferrari Driving School. This school offers the Toyota Corolla as training cars, which are dual controlled, excellent choice for learners to drive on.

4. Programs. Choose the driving school offering the exact program that suits your needs. Most driving schools in the US, such as Defensive Driving School in Seattle area, provide dedicated programs for teens, adults over 18 years old, defensive driving, license test, stick shift and skid training.

Driving Schools
How to Choose an Online Driving School

Do you know that you can access driving courses from an online driving school, sitting in the comfort of your home or office?

In today’s internet-driven society, schools of various kinds including driving schools abound in the internet. These online driving schools offer many of the same services as their brick-and-mortar counterparts and allow drivers to learn and complete their coursework at their own pace and convenience.

However, finding an online driving school couldn’t be easier. You should know finding an online driving school differs from finding approved one that meets a particular state’s requirements. So, if you are looking for a top online driving school, there are a few considerations to be taken.

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