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Elementary Schools

While a third grader is trudging along to his primary school, braving the cold in Alaska or undeterred by the scorching heat in Arizona, his peer in Seattle lounges, sprawls and coils on his easy chair at his home, turning on the computer, and clicking, clicking, clicking, and begins his day of learning.

The above mentioned smart peer is just one of the thousand, if not more of the ever rising e-learners.

Online elementary schools, a variation of distance schools, have grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to the ever vigorous explosion in computer technology and the dramatic rise of the Internet as a primary tool for communications and information. It enthusiastically responds to the calls for change in elementary education and transforms in its revolutionary and innovative way the traditional mode of how elementary education is received.

What are Online Elementary Schools?

Unlike traditional ones, online elementary schools give lessons via a computer network other than in brick and mortar classrooms. The network could be the global internet and world wide web or a local bulletin board system or a local area network or an intranet within a certain organization.

The most common function used in online elementary schools is e-mail that allows the interaction of messages between students and teachers. There are networks that also provide conferencing capabilities that enable participants to conduct multi-person discussions. More elaborate systems called MUD/MOOs are for group interaction.

In most cases, instruction given by online elementary schools take place in settings where learners and teachers are located in different places and most interaction carry on via the network.

Online elementary schools provide virtual study programs that are mainly HTML, PDF or PowerPoint based documents. A wide range of instruction modes are made available, such as virtual classroom, virtual operating room, hypertext courses, video/audio based courses, animated courses, web-supported textbook and social networking.

Teachers in online elementary schools assign homework by sending an e-mail with an attachment or uploading it to the LMS system. Learners normally submit the assignments electronically in the same way.

Virtual lectures, tutors, or a help desk are available when help is needed.

What makes online elementary schools popular?

Elementary education lays the foundation for higher education. Online elementary schools, despite of misconceptions and queries, have gained popularity and applauds.

Online elementary schools are the first choice of many parents, because they are not restricted by geographical location or unavailability of transportation and flexibilities they offers. Highlights of online elementary schools include:

• More Choices: These schools allow parents to choose a teacher who can pay individual attention to their children; the best time to attend classes and the instruction programs they need the most. Specialized programs that can help build interests are also available.

Traditional schools require timey attendance in person, while online elementary schools offer the flexibility that allows children to arrange study time according to their schedules.

• Free from Adverse Weather Conditions: E-learners don’t have to worry about classes being cancelled by adverse weather like snowstorms or thunderstorms. They can go on with their study as long as the internet services are available.

• Potential Lower Costs: Tuition at online schools is much lower than that of a traditional school. Textbooks are replaced by programs that can be downloaded.

Guide to Famous Elementary Schools

It is a matter of great importance to send your school age kids to a good elementary school, since primary education will influence them in more than one way. A kid can develop great interest in learning in a good school, while a bad school may make him disappointed with all the schools. Let’s see whether you like the schools with those names:

• Jefferson Elementary School. You can encounter Jefferson Elementary School in many states of the nation. Dedicated to providing a great atmosphere for kids to grow up and grab knowledge, these schools won’t force anyone to learn, instead, they will instruct them.

• Chaparral Elementary School. Never make do with children’s primary education. Chaparral elementary schools in every state are good for kids to learn basic knowledge and skills. What’s more, they will also help your small kids develop good habits and admirable personalities.

• Franklin Elementary School. To tell the truth, Franklin elementary schools are very popular among parents of school age kids. These schools are absolutely the first choices if you want your kid to become an integrated and all-round developed person.

• Roosevelt Elementary School. There are also several schools called Roosevelt Elementary School in different states of the country. Kids here can learn all the knowledge that is taught at other schools, and the most important thing is they will learn happily.

Elementary Schools
Recommended Online Elementary Schools

Since its rising decades ago, online schools have developed and expanded to online universities, online high schools.

And now elementary schools catch up with this trend, helping change the way students and their parents view educational options.

Online elementary schools have a lot in common with traditional ones. In an online elementary school, you will have classes, ask questions, engage in discussions, finish assignments and take exams. The only difference is that you will be doing these on the internet via a computer instead of meeting face-to-face with the instructor or classmates.

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