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Film Schools

Are you looking to start a career in film?

Are you interested in breaking into a new world of digital filmmaking? Are you looking for an affordable home study approach for all of this? If your answer is a big “yes”, online film schools are just right for you.

Online film schools have been round in recent years and gradually gain popularity because they break off the some rigid traditional teaching modes that set back those aspiring learners interested in film-making but can not regularly attend film academies because they are holed up to 8-to-5 jobs.

The door that opens for film production opportunities are closed on them. Online film schools, on the other hand, open a window for them by offering respective courses at a self-planned schedule that can be learned at the comforts of their homes or cafes.

How do online film schools operate?

Online film schools are internet-based schools that deliver classes via the internet. Curriculum provided is well-established, user-friendly and practical. This long-distance learning can be done through regular correspondence depending on the mode of teaching your online film school has adopted. Online chatting and emails are the most common forms of correspondence. Your school provide you with necessary materials such as film-making info, raw video footages and instructional videos that arte needed for you to complete requires film courses.

Upon graduation, these online film schools offer you career opportunities including serving as film or associate producer, editor or assistant editor, production manager, production assistant, production designer, screenwriter, director of photography and location manager.

What film degrees online schools offer?

Film production degree offered by most online film schools include Associate/Bachelor/Master of Arts in Film Making, Associate/Bachelor/Master of Arts in Film and Video, Associate/Bachelor/Master of Science in Show Production, Associate/Bachelor/Master of Fine Arts in Media Production.

Accelerated degrees in Animation & Visual Effects, Motion Pictures & Television and Media Design & Technology can also be obtained.

How to accelerate your learning at online film schools?

Course offered by online film schools generally include editing, cinematography, sound, screen writing and directing. Although online schools may encourage students to concentrate on one course at a time, it would be more helpful for students to mix them up. To speed up your learning progress, you may want to focus on one course and supplement with another, say, supplement directing course with cinematography, editing or screenwriting.

Many online film schools are offering a rounded filmmaking education which offers students literature and art courses on the theory and history of film. You can also make full use of these to accelerate your learning.

Reputable online film schools

There are not many online film schools, but those that can be attended offer courses for non-degree as well as associate, bachelor and master degrees.

Film courses offered at UCLA are designed to help learners to gain a bachelor or master degree. Accelerated programs, summer programs and a professional program for screenwriting are also available. Courses include theater, film and television.

The Academy of Art University offers online programs for motion pictures and television. Courses focuses on producing, directing, digital cinematography, production design, special efforts and screenwriting.

Full Sail offers a bachelor degree program in film with courses that can be attended by degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students. Financial aid is available.

Film Schools
Why Online Film Schools

Admit it. Your dream of cutting a figure in the filmmaking industry gets kindled or reignited every time some filmmaking magnate gets the newspaper covered with headlines about his new work.

Feeling the same way, more than a few people look to online film schools as a royal road to all the fame and fortune in Hollywood.

In recent years, a degree from film school has become a golden rule to quickly get into film industry. And online schools open doors for aspiring people in their move to filmmaking with its unique flexibility and convenience and advanced training.

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