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Graduate Schools

Among people with the desire for a higher degree, some are professionals, married adults, and parents who have the difficulty to meet the schedule of full-time schools.

Today, online graduate schools get increasingly popular, as they, like regular colleges or universities, offer advanced education for people who want to earn master’s or doctor’s degrees, but meanwhile, they feature flexible and simple access to courses: students have no need to attend in-campus classes while enjoying the freedom to schedule the time for study and everyday life.

Are you considering attending online graduate school but have not made the decision? Well, let’s figure out what advantages of enrolling into an online graduate school.

• Online graduate education is ideal for people with busy schedules, who want to further their education and gain a higher degree but are unable to attend full-time schools. In the past, the one had to quit the current job in order to earn a degree in any field. However, online graduate schools breathe fresh life into your dream. With this online option, you can learn and earn at the same time. The only requirement for you is the willingness and the self-motivation to finish the program.

• Married adults, mothers or single parents may find it hard to cope with academic study and household chores. Online graduate schools allow them to follow classes, take lectures or exams, and submit assignments without a single move out of their homes. Particularly if you are the one with physical challenges, you can acquire online degree in the field of your choice easily with a computer and internet connection!

• Gone were the days when online graduate education was limited to certain fields. Today, just as the traditional universities and colleges do, online graduate schools also provide courses on a variety of fields, like engineering, accounting, nursing, business, teaching and so on.

• As all the classes are given via internet, it has greatly reduced students’ dependence on physical books and texts, though not drastically eliminating the use of paper books. This will result in the lower expenses in books, as students can buy e-books which are cheaper or even free.

Well, from the university’s perspective, giving online graduate education doesn’t require additional campus, buildings, dorms or instructors, which would definitely bring down the teaching cost. Therefore, online graduate education seems to be a win-win strategy for both universities and students.

Given the fact that a wealth of universities and colleges are currently offering online courses for students at graduate level, there are several factors to consider when you look for an online school to advance your degree.

• Check whether the online graduate school you are considering or enrolling in is accredited. This is a very crucial step which will determine if your online degree is respected and approved. Accreditation ensures the quality of education a university or college exercises and may further guarantee your future career goals. However, a degree from an unaccredited graduate school would be worthless.

• Furthermore, if the online school is accredited, you need to see by whom it is accredited. The real fact is that even the highest rated universities like Stanford and University of Illinois are all regionally accredited. The online graduate school you are considering must be accredited by one of the boards below:

- Middle States Association

- Northwest Association of Schools & Colleges

- North Central Association of Colleges & Schools

- New England Association of Schools & Colleges

- Southern Association of Colleges & Schools

- Western Association of Schools & Colleges

• It is notable that though online graduate schools provide you with the flexible schedule you desire, some may offer hybrid programs which require the students to spend a certain stretch of time for studies in campus. Thus, if you are a person with busy schedule, make sure to find out if classroom experience is the basic requirement to gain online degree.

• Admittedly, attending an online graduate school will save your expenses on transportation, food, books and texts. But this doesn’t mean online education is necessarily cheaper! Actually, the cost for online education is dramatically variable. Sometimes the tuition fees for online graduate education are even higher than those of brick and mortar schools.

A study has shown that the tuition fee per credit hour for traditional universities is about $239, while for online programs, it would be roughly $700 to $800 per 3-hour class. It is estimated that the entire online graduate program could range from $13,000 to more than $50,000. So you need to think carefully about your budget before entering online education programs.

Graduate Schools
What to Look Into Before Enrolling into Online Graduate Schools

Working professionals, married adults and parents may find it hard to continue learning and further knowledge in a fixed schedule – here we mean attending classes every day in a brick and mortar school.

However, it has been a thing of the past! Various graduate schools and programs online will enable you to complete the study and earn a Master’s degree from anywhere in the world! It is not surprising that today online graduate schools are quite popular and attract lots of busy adults, as those online courses could be taken with the ease and comfort of home.

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