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Iowa State University

As a land-grant and space-grant research institution located in Ames, Iowa, Iowa State University is established in 1858.

It is home to the Ames Lab which is a research center in U.S. Department of Energy. Iowa State University has more than 750 student organizations, including approximately 50 fraternities and sororities. Apart from this, with a largest art collection among other universities in the country, it boasts 600 artworks for display across the campus. Iowa State University has nurtured astronauts, scientists, Nobel/Pulitzer Prize winners and other well known professors. It is a member of American Association of Universities, Big 12 Conference and Universities Research Association. Up to 2010, the university has broken a new record of 28,682 enrolled students. Moreover, its online courses offered by the Center of Distance receive high praise from its students from home and aboard.


• As a university ranked top 50 among other public universities in the U.S., Iowa State University is well known for its science, engineering and agriculture programs.

• Its agricultural engineering program is ranked as third top program in the U.S. and engineering at 13th among public universities.

• Both civil engineering and chemical engineering are ranked 13th among 20 public universities.

• Iowa State nurtures the first electronic digital computer and the world’s computer technology revolution.

• Iowa has been a pioneer in the agricultural extension act since 1800s

• It is the only university which has a research laboratory of U.S. department of Energy. Iowa State University plays an important role in the atomic bomb of World War II.

Online Education

If you are looking for your prosperous future with more career opportunities provided, an advanced education guiding you to your future plan is a crucial part.

In Iowa, you can get your distance education with high quality and responsible instruction you can expect. As a national oldest land-grant university, Iowa is a first-class research institution with high quality online education for more than 150 years history.

Iowa distance and online education supports online courses, research, communication and innovation via the combination of instructional and supportive technology measures. The high quality and rigorous online courses include communication, updated online course and technical support.

Online Education Preparing Work

• Before registering for the course online, there are several steps for you to take for your online education process.

• The types of courses are listed on the Iowa official website. You can register your most favorite course through email and phone. If you have any questions, you can contact or inquire the university in person.

• Before log-on the Iowa official website, make sure you have an email account which is the main channel for contacting with university. Checking at AccessPlus which is your information hub is a necessity.

• Textbooks are needed for your online courses if you have already ordered an online course. Plus, check the function of your computer ahead before starting your online course, including camera, microphone and other necessary software.

• The approval register by email will be delivered to you prior to your first day of online class. Sometimes you may receive it in a few minutes after your register. This message is to guide you the process on getting into your course.

Iowa State University Official Website: http://www.iastate.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Iowa State University. For accurate and professional information, go to Iowa State University official site.

Iowa State University
Online Graduate Programs from Iowa State University

As a first-class research institution with high quality online education for more than 150 years history, Iowa State University presents online courses through Center of Distance with no requirement for physical setting.

Iowa State University ranked second in the nation for the distance learning programs with providing diplomas and associate degrees. Its online courses include agriculture, computer networking and arts. If you have a plan of extended study, Iowa State University offers you abundant information and tools distributed in regionally accredited online programs. As an online student from Iowa State University, you can take the advantage of two online courses every eight weeks and flexibility of studying anywhere. The flexible online programs ensure your skills for your career.

Graduate Programs

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