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These days, it’s really not easy to get into a law school.

A recent survey reveals that the quality of law school applicants has increased a lot in the past few years, making the competition more fierce than ever before. Earning a law degree through attending an online law school is especially difficult, but it’s still possible.

All states in America, except California, require students to get a law school degree accredited by the American Bar Association before they take the Bar exam. However, there is no online law school accredited by ABA. Therefore, only those living in California or willing to relocate have a chance of taking the Bar exam, which is essential for a practicing lawyer, with an online law degree.

How to Choose an Online Law School

Choosing the right online law school really makes sense for people whose career goal is to practice law as an attorney. It is risky to attend an unaccredited online school. Also, it might be a suffering to get into a school that you can not afford. In order to find out which online law school is a better fit for you, you can take the following factors into consideration:

• Admission – Many online law schools might not have specific requirements on your GRE or LSAT scores, but these numbers are vital when it comes to admission. It’s highly recommended for you to just apply for schools that line up with your scores.

• Tuition – School fees can vary by hundreds of dollars. And the school with the highest price tag might not the one giving the best education you desire. So, just select a school that fits your budget. You might find that most online law schools are as expensive as traditional law schools. In that case, try taking advantage of financial aids to relieve your burden.

• Career services – Remember to check out the graduate employment rate of the online law school you are interested in. Besides, pay a close attention to the percentage of graduates who have moved on to careers of your choice. These figures will tell you whether this school is right for you.

Become a Practicing Lawyer with Online Law School Degree

You may finally pick out the most suitable online law school after searching and struggling for a long period. However, it’s not over. You still have to brace yourself for fulfilling your career goals. Having an online law degree is definitely not enough for you to practice law in the future. Note that not all students from distance learning law schools will be allowed to take the State Bar of California. Statistics also show that graduates from law schools not accredited by ABA, including all online law schools, have a relatively low pass rate on the Bar exam.

If you dream of being a full-fledged lawyer, you will have no choice but to meet all the requirements set by the Committee of Bar Examiners in California.

That means you need to complete at least 60 semester credits within two years and get a GRE above (or equal to) the scores required for graduation.

Those online law school students who have attended correspondence programs registered with the California Committee of Bar Examiners and studied 864 hours every year may also be allowed to sit for the California Bar Exam. Once you’ve passed this examination, you can be a practicing lawyer in some other states after working as a lawyer in California for a few years.

Four Well-reputed Law Schools in the USA

There’re hundreds of law schools in the United States, which send to thousands of graduates majoring in law to the society each year. Among them, several law schools listed below have obtained great recognition.

Cornell Law School belongs to Cornell University and is among one of the most professional and famous law schools in the United States. The school offers a series of unique teaching programs in order to develop the skills of students as practitioners and make them uphold the spirit of humanity. Its online legal resources are really a great helper to students majoring in law.

As an ABA accredited law school, Albany Law School also offers distance education, which serves students who want to receive further education but are unable to attend universities. These online courses are either synchronous or asynchronous and make full use of advanced technologies.

All the e-courses offered by John Marshall Law School are tailored to meet the needs of lawyers and professionals who are self-disciplined and motivated and plan to specialize in a certain field of law. There are online MS and LLM degree programs including Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology and Privacy Law, Employee Benefits, and Estate Planning available.

Loyola Law School features a series of practical and functional programs to meet the needs of students and comes with two online degree programs which will satisfy students who can’t attend on-campus education. As the students of Loyola Law School, you will be able to gain valuable chances of working and practicing in these legal organizations.

Law Schools
How to Choose Online Law School & Practice Law with Online Law Degree

What’s the best way to further your education without sacrificing the comfort of your own home?

The answer is definitely ONLINE LEARNING. Today, online courses and programs are very popular and available for almost everyone. Normally, the application process is not complicate at all. However, if you intend to pursue a law degree online, it’s not that easy.

There is a major challenge that lies in the way of earning an online law degree. All states, except California, only allow graduates with a degree accredited by the ABA to take the Bar exam, which is a must for people to practice law legally. But the truth is that American Bar Association (ABA) does not accredit any online law school. That means, if you desire to become a licensed attorney and practice law, you will have no choice but to take the Bar exam in California.

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