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Liberty University, a private Christian university located in Virginia, America, is currently the largest Evangelical Christian university as well as the largest online university in the world. Founded in the year 1971, Liberty University aims to train champions for Christ across the world in many fields, like business, counseling, criminal justice, education and so on.

A Brief Intro to LU Online

LU is a pioneer in long distance education with an annual enrollment of about 50,000 students online. It offers more than 45 majors online and multiple options in degree levels, with associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degree all included. Its 115 programs are taught in a flexible and convenient online format from a Christian worldview.

This online component of LU trains students in the areas that the market demands most. Data show that the most popular majors for 2010 graduates are business, management, marketing and related support services, which take up 18%, philosophy and religious studies, which take up another 18%, multi/interdisciplinary studies, which enjoy a proportion of 15%. Psychology and health related majors are also very popular.

LU Online is also the world’s largest non-profit supplier of accredited online education, which provides academically fabulous programs and prepares students for the fierce competition. Its priority for each student is not to gain profit or revenue, but the success of everyone.

Why Choose LU Online?

Liberty University Online is so popular that nearly fifty thousands students enroll for different areas of study every year. One may choose this school for the following reasons:

Over 45 fully-accredited degree programs and 100 specializations to choose from
No.1 among the nation’s accredited online colleges

Non-profit organization offering the lowest tuition rates among the top online universities

Christian university with courses taught with a Christian view

Pioneered in distance education for several decades with rich experiences
A brick and mortar institution with prestigious faculty

LU Online Features

Liberty University could accept transfer credit from other institutions for students transferred to LU. The university works hard to make sure no equivalent course that the transfer students have previously taken will be repeated. Besides, one can also gain more credits through examination and its credit-earning programs include College-level examination program (CLEP), institutional challenge exam (ICE) and Dantes Subject Standardized Test Scores (DSSTs).

Accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of College and Schools ensures LU has met the strict standards about faculty, administration, student support, service and most importantly, degree programs. Its online learning degree completion programs (DCP) gives detailed info on required and optional courses for specific degrees and the credit value, so that the students can plan their study and monitor progress to stay on track.

LU Online Benefits & Scholarship Programs to Military

Military men and women make great contribution to the safety of the nation. To honor them, LU offers great benefits to service members, veterans and military spouses in order to help them learn more knowledge and achieve academic goals. The university has worked together with SOC Network, GoArmyEd and Air University, launching Veterans’ Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program to help military and veteran students. They are eligible for:

Tuition discounts and additional military benefits
Book vouchers for undergraduate students
Heroes Fund Scholarship and Yellow Ribbon Scholarship
Fee waivers
Dedicated Military Support Office with train specialists
Evaluation of military training for college credit

Liberty University Official Website: http://www.liberty.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Liberty University. For accurate and professional information, go to Liberty University official site.

Liberty University
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Get to Know about Liberty University

Liberty University located in Virginia, America, is the largest Evangelical Christian university in the world, the largest private non-profit university in the nation as well as the largest university in the state of Virginia. Founded as Lynchburg Baptist College in 1971, LU is celebrating its 40 years of Training Champions for Christ this year.

Nuts and Bolts about LU

LU was built with the vision to train Champions for Christ as a world class university. The university treats students as its greatest asset. School spirit, enthusiasm, strong character and motivation also play a crucial role in the success of the university and its students. Read more