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Nowadays, gaining a full-time college experience for a higher degree is a hard thing for many people, especially for those who work a busy schedule or have a big household to take care of.

Mississippi State University understands what continuing education means to you. Therefore, it offers flexible and complete online degree and certificate programs to help you earn a higher degree at your own pace.

Since its establishment in 1878, Mississippi State University is dedicated to individualized education that makes every and each student excel in whatever field – current study or future career. Ranked the 18th of “America’s Best Colleges Buys” by Forbes, MSU takes your every learning need seriously and provides a growing number of distance education programs to further your degree of bachelor, master, or doctor, the academic quality of which is the same as in-campus courses.

Basics About MSU Distance Learning

To foster your further learning desire, MSU develops a variety of educational opportunities online from single courses to full programs. Though your study will be at a distance, MSU and its professional instructors will strive to carve a beneficial mark on your education and create a “real” campus experience in your lifetime.

All of these distance learning programs are delivered by the Division of Academic Outreach & Continuing Education (AOCU) of MSU. This division is committed to quality distance education and dynamic learning environment. Collaborated with organizations, institutions, and community colleges, AOCU assists people in achieving their learning goals at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Apart from quality education across internet, MSU distance learning also encourages students to interact with instructors and classmates. A wealth of technique supports and collaborative projects ensure your effective and meaningful communication with faculty and peers. Virtually, Mississippi State University distance learning makes it a reality to study at any location and at any time – a good buy for any busy lifestyle!

About Accreditation

We know that to make sure our online degrees are worthwhile and valuable, the programs or schools you enroll into should be accredited. Otherwise, your online education may be worthless and not be accepted by employers.

Mississippi State University is proud that all its distance programs offered for academic credit are fully accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. SACS accredits MSU to issue bachelor’s, master’s, doctor’s and specialist degrees. If you have any doubt about accreditation of MSU, you can contact SACS by calling 404-679-4500.

About Admission

To get enrolled into any of MSU online education program or course, you must meet the admission requirements. Besides, a $40 non-refundable application fee is required.

• For undergraduate programs, if you have never attended MSU, you need to finish the online Undergraduate Admissions Application. An official transcript is required if you have attended any other intuitions before.

• For classified graduate admissions, if you have never been admitted by MSU, you need to fill out the online Classified Graduate Admissions Application, a statement of Purpose Form, as well as submit an official transcript from each school that you have attended prior to MSU, plus 3 recommendation letters.

It is notable that there may be graduate entrance exams for classified admissions.

You can contact the department of your specific subject for details about entrance exam.

• Unclassified graduate programs are available for distance learners who want to study at graduate level not for a higher degree. Students enrolled into unclassified graduate must stay unclassified for one semester prior to being transferred to a degree program.

To be admitted, you will be required to complete the online Unclassified Admissions Application and submit an official transcript from your undergraduate institution. Be sure to select “Graduate School – Unclassified” as your choice when filling out the application!

If you have any question about distance learning admissions of MSU, you can call 662-325-2639

About Registration

Distance learners who are already admitted into a certain program of MSU may be required to register online, while unclassified students must fill out and fax a Registration Form (662-325-1832). Classified students can register online by following the steps below:

1. Login onto my.msstate.edu with your Net-ID and Net-Password.

2. Click the Banner Tab and select “Register for Classes” under Register.

3. Choose the proper term that fits your schedule and click “Submit Term.”

4. You will be guided to enter your Registration Access Code the first time you access registration. The Code is in the upper right corner of your Student Enrollment Agreement.

5. If you want to add a class, enter the course symbol, number & section, and then click “Add Class.”

6. In the event that you would drop a class, click “Drop Class” just beside the class name you want to drop.

About Tuition & Fees

Your distance learning tuition is determined by the Institution of Higher Learning of MSU, and assessed according to the prevailing per credit hour tuition rates. Moreover, many online courses may require additional distance fees, which are non-refundable under any cases! Tuition and distance fees are subject to change for each semester without notice.

MSU accepts payment in the forms of personal or corporate checks, money orders, cashier’s checks and credit cards. To make the payment, distance learners can pay online on MyBanner Info system, or via telephone (662-325-2071) with credit card, or by mailing the payment plus MSU ID number to:

Student Account Services

Mississippi State University

P.O. Box 5328

MS State, MS 39762

Mississippi State University Official Website: http://www.msstate.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Mississippi State University. For accurate and professional information, go to Mississippi State University official site.

Mississippi State University
Your Handy Sketch to Online Degree Programs & Tuition Costs from Mississippi State University

A division of Academic Outreach & Continuing Education, distance learning at Mississippi State University offers students around the world a chance to learn about chemistry, biology, engineering, administration and more.

All courses and programs delivered via its distance learning are held to applicable university regulations, which means as an e-learner you receive courses equivalent to main campus courses. Completely delivered online, all courses have a 36-hour, two-year program.

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Missouri State Online (MSU) is created to help non-traditional students achieve academic and career success through providing flexible and high-quality virtual learning.

Its belief in quality, diverse and supportive education leads to MUS offering various online courses and programs, online student support services and aids.

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Online MAIS Program from Mississippi State University

Enabling every student to get personalized education is the mission and commitment of Mississippi State University.

At Mississippi, each student, no matter you are learning on campus or via the internet, will be fostered with high quality academic opportunities for the future success.

Currently, Mississippi State University offers accessible, flexible and top-flight degree program of Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Sciences for online students. To ensure the academic quality, students will learn from world-celebrated science experts in chemistry and geosciences. No matter you want to earn a higher degree, further knowledge in chemistry, biology and geosciences, or create a new career path for the future, join this program with like-minded fellow students all around the world from Mississippi State University!

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Get Enrolled into Mississippi State University Distance Learning Courses

From single courses to complete programs, Mississippi State University (MSU) offers a wealth of educational opportunities via distance learning for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Online learning at MSU enables students to take courses anytime and anywhere.

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