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Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University (referred to as NSU or Nova), is a private research university located in Broward County, Florida, with its main campus in the town of Davie.

The university is the seventh-largest non-profit independent university nationwide and is the largest independent institution of higher education in the southeastern United States.

Nova Southeastern University offers many online programs. There are 83 undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and graduate certificate programs which have already been certified by the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus. The SREB certifies that online programs and courses offered by Nova Southeastern University are completely consistent with its comprehensive set of Principles of Good Practice.

With off-campus Student Educational Centers, students are able to attend Nova Southeastern University easily and conveniently without being on the Nova Southeastern University campus. These centers assist students far away from the main campus through computer labs, videoconferencing equipment, and SMART classrooms. All the staff in the centers are full-time employees who will be responsible for various student affairs, such as registration, enrollment and financial aid. The Student Educational Centers allow students to form study groups, develop friendships, and use videoconferencing equipment to connect with the main campus. An on-campus atmosphere for online students is created. High-quality and efficient services are established to enable students to earn their degrees successfully and gain an enjoyable experience, which is beneficial to their personal and professional development. Student Educational Centers provide serviceswhich are listed below:

A. Online classes in the evening and on weekend

B. Full-degree online programs

C. Faculty and professors who are outstanding in their respective fields

D. Support and assistance of student activities, like professional development workshops and graduation recognition receptions

E. Audiovisual and videoconferencing tools

F. Full-time employees who will be responsible for various student affairs, such as registration, enrollment and financial aid

G. Computer lab access with full-time media support

Online learning courses offered by Nova Southeastern University allow students in any part of the world to participate with an internet access.

Online courses take advantage of a web-based instructional platform and take it as a centralized media for delivering educational materials, communication and course content.

The modes of instructional delivery for online off-campus courses do not necessarily differ from those used on-campus. Some of the University’s online courses use the traditional classroom setting. Some use telecommunication technologies exclusively, or in combination with a classroom setting.

All the courses have two forms, both synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous one allows you to have online classes at a set time and to have an online discussion. The course materials are delivered by audio and video at a set time. Asynchronous course will provide deadlines and allow you to have the classes before the deadlines. These two forms are able to cater to all online students. The online course platform offers a wide range of online learning activities which will effectively promote the interaction between students and teachers.

Teaching staff and students build interaction by means of threaded bulletin boards, real-time electronic classrooms and discussions forums. Real-time electronic classrooms enable students to watch graphical presentations and audios and submit assignments online in multimedia formats.

Nova Southeastern University will give all the students, teaching staff and professors an email address and a directory for submitting assignments and resources to the Web. Besides, students have access to educational support services through the Davie Campus where the electronic library, the Internet, and computer software on central servers are available. All the online students have access to online databases, the Electronic Library which contains lots of full-text documents.

Nova Southeastern University Official Website: http://www.nova.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Nova Southeastern University. For accurate and professional information, go to Nova Southeastern University official site.

Nova Southeastern University
Online MBA Program of Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University has more than 30 years of experience in the development, delivery and evaluation of online education programs and is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

As online students of Nova Southeastern University, you are able to communicated with and learn from professors who have got real corporate experience and have access to modern facilities and resources.

Nova Southeastern University provides more than 78 online degrees and certificates through distance learning center, among which, 63 degrees are fully recognized as complying with its comprehensive set of Principles of Good Practice. These programs include online bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and Computer Information Systems, online master’s degrees in International Business Administration, Education and Accounting, online doctorate degrees in Health Science and Occupational Therapy and so on. Among them, MBA program offered by the Huizenga School is notable.

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