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Commonly referred to as Ohio State, the Ohio State University is the nation’s third largest university campus now.

This public research university is nestled in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to the main campus, Ohio State also has several regional campuses in Marion, Newark, Wooster, Mansfield and Lima.

As a major research university throughout the United States, Ohio State is proud to have the most faculties chosen as “fellows” of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, which is the largest scientific organization in the world. The most recent data shows that undergraduate admissions to Ohio State are very selective. One reason is the quality education at affordable price. Convenient online and on-campus courses can also account for the popularity.

The Office of Continuing Education at the Ohio State University highlights many flexible courses and programs. Some of them are available entirely online. Whether you want to take a class for credit or boost your career, Ohio States can help you make the choice with the help of professional academic advisors. Some featured online courses and programs are listed below.

• Plant Pathology

This online course is provided by the Department of Plant Pathology. You’ll learn the history and impact of plant diseases. The tuition for this course is $350. The course flyer can be downloaded online. If you want to know more detailed info about the course, please contact Sarah Ellis at ellis.293@osu.eud or you can visit http://plantpath.osu.edu/extension. You must register for this course online.


If you’re interested in the filed of aging, consider SAGE. It’s a three-course series of online continuing education courses. The Office of Continuing Education and the Office of Geriatrics & Gerontology establish this partnership program. This distance education program aims to give special attention to the issues of social, cultural and ethnic diversity.

Through the series of internet-based courses, one course is provided each quarter, namely spring, summer and autumn. After successfully completing the program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion in Gerontology from the Ohio State University. Please notice that class size is limited for each academic year. So it’s preferable to register soon and enroll in the next SAGE series.

This program is created for special groups of people. These Internet-based courses are mainly designed to accommodate busy professional and personal lifestyles. With the flexibility of learning “where and when it’s convenient”, SAGE is a nice alternative for people who need taking the course but do not wish to or cannot return to graduate school.

The following people should complete the program:

- Professionals work in the field of aging and additional discipline-specific training is required.

- Individuals offering services to older adults.

- People want to take a career serving older adults.

• Online Credit Courses

The Ohio State University delivers online credit courses as well. A large selection of online courses is available. Go to the website and search for available classes to fit for your needs. To enroll in online credit courses at the Ohio State University, you must meet certain enrollment criteria and follow the application steps.

1) Current or Former Ohio State Students

As for returning or continuing Ohio State students, they just need to re-activate or change enrollment unit. Former continuing education students can ask for reactivation. Current or former Ohio State students will be required to change enrollment unit to continuing education. Both can be done online.

2) New Ohio State Applicants

New applicants need to pay an application fee before submitting their application online. The application fee can be paid through credit card or electronic check. Make sure to submit your online application before the deadlines of each semester.

Winter 2012: before November 1, 2011

Spring 2012: before February 1, 2012

Summer 2012: before May 1, 2012

For applicants who fail to submit online application before the deadlines, they must call the Office of Continuing Education and make an appointment with an admissions counselor for a walkthrough admission. The available phone number is 614-292-8860. The application fee will be paid at your walkthrough appointment. You can pay the application fee in check or money order that is made payable to the Ohio State University.

The application fees differ between domestic students and international students. U.S. citizens are domestic students. Students who have had their permanent resident card for one year or more are also classified as domestic students. Otherwise, students must complete the international Continuing Education application.

Ohio State University Official Website: http://www.osu.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Ohio State University. For accurate and professional information, go to Ohio State University official site.

Ohio State University
How OSU’s Continuing Education Helps Achieve Your Goals

The Ohio State University proudly serves as one of the nation’s largest universities.

Ohio State also houses a group of the best and brightest people throughout the world, including dedicated faculty and promising students. Quality education is offered conveniently both online and on-campus. OSU’s Continuing Education program delivers various online classes to help realize your dream.

Whether you want to boost your career or take a class for credit/fun, the Office of Continuing Education at the Ohio State University is ready to help you. First analyze your needs and then choose the best suitable program to meet your requirements. Now let’s find out how these programs can help you fulfill your dream.

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