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You must be familiar with or at least heard of distance education, a filed of education with the aim of delivering teaching to those who are not physically present in classrooms.

The original aim of it is to offer education for those living in remote areas and being far away from schools. Nowadays, online education has taken the place of distance education, becoming the buzzword in the field of education.

There emerge numerous online schools these days in America and the world as a whole. Many famous colleges and universities also launch online education programs and award graduates with online degrees. More and more employers begin to acknowledge and accept online degrees though they do think more of degrees earned on campus basis. Why on the earth does online degree gain so much popularity?

Firstly, the job market has become increasingly competitive, and the employees need to be more skilled and have more knowledge to survive in the fierce competition. However, the majority of them are always too busily engaged with their current work and family responsibility to attend classes on regular basis, as a result of which, many people turn to online program for help. They can participate in study and get online degrees at their convenient time.

Besides, students enrolled in online degree program have also been eligible for federal student aids and various kinds of loans and tuition plans. For the less privileged, they are not obliged to enter campus to get education aids. The total expense of getting an online degree is lower than getting a degree through campus education.

What’s more, with professional accreditation boards to instruct and supervise the work of online schools, the degrees earned through online education have been given more credibility this way. An increasing number of people are motivated to get online degrees now that more employers begin to think highly of the degrees earned online. Anyway, what kinds of degree can you get online?

Great achievements have been made since the University of Colorado created the first fully accredited online education programs offering online university degrees in 1996. Several levels of degrees are available online, like associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate degree. You may need a high school diploma or a GED to apply for a bachelor’s degree and a bachelor’s degree to apply for master’s degree.

More fields are open to online education and online degree, ranging from interior design, law, education, marketing, business, MBA, nursing to engineering, computer science and medical. Degrees on some areas can be issued on 100% online education basis, while the other can’t. Take nursing for example, students must spend a certain proportion of their time in hospitals or other medical related settings, working with patients and gaining practical experience. If you have working experience in some field, it will be easier for you to get an online degree than others with no experience at all. Well, what should you be careful about when applying for an online degree?

The following tips might be useful to help you make wise decisions.

• When deciding on the online schools, check over and over again to ensure that the schools are accredited by any one of the six regional accreditation boards and the degrees they issue are widely recognized by employers.

• If you are planning to continue your education, make sure your online degree credits are transferable into the college or university you want to attend in future.

• Figure out the job prospect of certain field. Never risk spending several years and much money in getting an online degree that will take your no further in job market.

• Your interest is as important.

Types of Online Degrees

Today, it is much easier to earn an academic degree than ever before. Why? That’s because the online education is quickly expanding as a way to pursue advanced studies without having to relocate. While online courses were limited to certificates in the past, students now can earn a degree at the level of associate’s to doctoral through an online program. Here are some common types of online degrees.

Liberal Arts: Speaking of liberal arts, many students may be not clear about the term. Actually, liberal arts is a broad term and can refer to various disciplines such as literature, psychology, mathematics and science. This means there are a variety of online degree programs in the field of liberal arts, such as online psychology degree programs and online accounting degree programs.

Business: Business and related fields are considered one of the most popular online degree programs. Thus, it is very common for universities to provide students with the option to earn a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in business online.

A BS focuses on extensive math and statistics coursework, while a BA often helps students acquire a foundation in psychology and sociology. Other online degree levels in business include associate’s degree and master’s degree.

Engineering: There is a wide range of specializations available to those who look for an online engineering degree, such as electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, industry engineering and civil engineering. These fields usually have a lab requirement in addition to online coursework.

Nursing: The demand of nurses continues to rise and so is the number of colleges/universities that offer online nursing degree programs. Talking about nursing degrees, some students may think that these degrees can help them find a job only related to patient care.

Actually, there are various specializations available within this field: administration, nursing science, leadership, nursing informatics and so on.

Online Degrees
Get Your Online Degrees in Education

Teaching is considered one of the most popular and secured jobs in the world.

As long as human exists, there will always be a need for school teachers. Anyone with skills and knowledge can make a teacher, but one must have multiple skills and expertise, like strong communication skills and talent to convince, inspire and train others, to become a good teacher. And of course, you also need a degree to show your talents in teaching to get employed by school.

The goal of earning degrees in education is to really learn something and to prove that you are capable of teaching students. If you want to become a teacher, the easiest way is to get an online teaching degree. Weather you are a student or a working teacher, you can continue your current life, then study at your own pace and according to your own schedule. You can start a career as elementary, secondary or even college teacher. Read more

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