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Oregon State University

Located in a safe green town Corvallis in the middle west of Oregon with 90 miles south from Portland, Oregon State University is a leading public research and coeducational university with only one hour to the Cascades and Pacific Coast and an easy access to natural wonders.

Oregon State University is a land-grand university founded in 1868. As a sea grant, sun grant and space grant destination in U.S., Oregon State University have won the appraisals for its Carnegie Foundation’s top destination for research institutions and Community Engagement classification. It boasts of 24,000 students, more than 200 academic degree programs for undergraduates and graduates. It receives awards of “very high research activity” from Carnegie Foundation and more annual research funding compared with other universities and educational institutions in Oregon. In online courses field, Oregon State University offers a wide range of disciplines for students who have interest on the flexible online course and programs off-campus.

Online Classroom Basics

As a national recognized premier teaching university with more than 18 qualified online degree programs for both undergraduate and graduate, Oregon State University provides opportunity for students with busy schedules to accomplish degrees online. No matter where you live and work, Oregon State University is committed to bringing you quality education via its extended online degree program to tailor for your busy schedule. You can find online courses the same as campus based ones and receive supports from Oregon State University. Apart from these benefits, it presents precollege programs, workforce, more than 900 on-campus courses and noncredit classes.

Online Classroom Benefits

Oregon State University can open a door for students to complete advanced education goals through its extended campus with flexible learning solution provided. It is suitable especially for students with less spare time to finish their education. Apart from this, online students can have an access to check out the updated information on the extended campus courses at anytime and anywhere. Oregon State University provides a list of benefits for its students.

• Discussion boards

With up-to-date distance education technologies and extended campus online course, Oregon State University is dedicated to offering online interactions in the forms of discussion boards, students-students interactions and students-instructors inquiries. In discussion boards, you can submit your comments to selected group or individuals.

• Instructors

All qualified instructors from Oregon State University are college instructors or experienced professors. Many instructors are nationally known authors. The qualification of each instructor is shown on Oregon State University official website.

• Payments

In Oregon State University, students can have the most convenient payment options online prior to registration with credit card, including VISA, American Express and MasterCard. For online non-credit courses, they are specially designed with affordable payments for students.

• Features

1. In Oregon State University, a large portion of online courses can be completed in 6-8 weeks.

2. Online course students can have their class anywhere, anytime and an easy log in will lead them to finish their courses and assignments.

3. The cost of online courses is affordable for students at around $100.

4. There are more than 350 noncredit courses for you to choose.

5. Students can choose their online courses at any term in the whole year.

Oregon State University Official Website: http://oregonstate.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Oregon State University. For accurate and professional information, go to Oregon State University official site.

Oregon State University
Online Programs in Oregon State University

As a popular and affordable university with broadest extension of online bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Oregon State University offers the online degree programs to students with the same degree and transcript as on-campus degree programs.

Compared with the relevantly high rate of online teaching nationwide, Oregon State University tries its best to satisfy students with appropriate online rates.

Online Courses Status

Located in Corvallis, Oregon, Oregon State University boasts of more than 15 accredited online degrees both on graduate and undergraduate students and 100% allows students to finish the online course. Read more

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