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Photography Schools

Today, there are a broad array of photography products and services available in the internet – even online photography schools or colleges.

So, for photography enthusiasts who want to learn more about the technical and creative aspects of photography but don’t have the time to commute to classes, they can achieve your goals by taking a simple, easy-to-understand online photography course.

Now, many people might be worried, when it comes to how they are going to learn such a subject sitting in their own home, alone. No need to worry – taking a program with an online photography school is not a problem. Almost all online photography schools present their material in a step-by-step manner with illustrated text. You will have access and guidance from professional instructors who will ensure that you can fully understand the material.

Although not all online photography classes are the same, most courses will cover numerous attributes. Some areas that could be covered include:

Film Development
Camera technology, like film, equipment, lenses etc.
Lighting and color
Techniques for digital and video photography
Portfolio creation
Designing an image
Photography software
Retouching, editing, etc.

Still undecided about whether to attend an online photography school? Now, let’s figure out more benefits of online photography schools.

Professional Instructors and Degree Programs – Many top online photography schools more than just offer accredited programs taught by instructors who work as professional photographers. They also offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as certification for those who want to work as a professional photographer.

Start When You Are Ready – Like many other types of online institutions, online photography schools allow students to learn anytime and anywhere. This means that you don’t need to wait for a new semester to begin your study. As long as you’re ready, you can get started immediately.

Self Paced Training – Online photography schools is an ideal option for people with busy lives, full time jobs or families. By enrolling into an online photography school, you are free to set your own pace.

Not everyone is able to afford to go to school full time or take classes during regular schools hours.

In addition, self-paced training is also great for people because of the fact that not everybody learns at the same pace. If you are a quick learner, you can often advance, instead of waiting for the rest of the class to catch up.

Cost Savings – It’s no secret brick-and-mortar schools are costly. Online photography schools usually cost significantly less than traditional classroom-based learning.

You already know the benefits of photography schools. Now, it’s time to choose your online photography school. Certainly, it could be a hard work to compare online photography classes and select what best suits your needs when a multitude of factors may be involved, such as costs, course outline, accreditation, tuition fees, and course duration. However, things would get easier if you bear several”candidates” in mind! Here, to enable you to secure your best choice quickly, some of the top online photography schools are introduced.

• BetterPhoto

BetterPhoto provides students with more than 80 inspiring online courses in photography available in a variety of categories, including fundamentals, digital, composition and Photoshop. These courses usually take 4 or 8 weeks to complete. Instruction is usually offered via email, not via live chat. Students will get lessons, assignments, answers and personal critiques from professional photographers.

• Academy of Art University Online

Founded in 1929, Academy of Art University is the largest accredited, private art and design university in the United States. The university offers students accredited Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degrees of Fine Arts, as well as an online award of completion in photo digital imaging programs in photography studies.

• Icon Photography School

Icon aims to help students to increase the quality of their photographs, through its online single 2 or 4 week course. This course consists of 11 lesson plans and takes about 2 or 4 weeks to complete. According to Icon Photography School, its program is not focused around tests and quizzes of technical knowledge, though those things are contained. The school offers one-on-one feedback to students’ work, which is more project-based than anything else.

Photography Schools
What to Know about Online Photography Schools and How to Choose One

Have you been a photography amateur for a very long time?

Are you now considering enrolling into a photography school to enhance your skills but don’t have the time? Delightedly, there are many online photography schools which can give you such an opportunity! These schools could be either a formal or an informal way to learn to be a better photographer. As the wide range of courses and topics cover almost every sort of subjects related to photography, these online options are ideal both for experienced and fresher students.

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