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As a land-grant school established in 1869, Purdue University is ranked 18th among all public universities.

It is a major research institution and well known for its engineering, science and aerospace majors, and the only university with distinction of Nobel Prize in chemistry and world Food Prize. It received a donation of $150,000 by John Purdue and the other $50,000 together with 100 acres local land from Tippecanoe County. The new school Purdue University was named by the legislature. The extended campus of Purdue University provide busy students with a wide range of online continuing education courses, including credit and noncredit classes for evening and weekends studying, off-campus courses for the convenience of other states and round-the-clock online courses for students home and abroad.

Why to Choose?

Listed on the famous evaluating bodies, Purdue is proud with successful alumni and well known as a top research university for its online programs quality, which receive national appraise. The record of research on math, agriculture, science and aerospace is a breakthrough in academia. For working professionals without fixed time to complete a campus course, Purdue offers tailored online program and degree for them and enables them to finish online course through distance learning. Besides, as a substitute role of traditional class, the online class is a benefit for students even from millions of miles away. Purdue is proud of its history, the diverse culture and community with international students and faculty. The supportive virtual community is an ideal place for students to discuss and explore the perspectives of academic research and create innovations.

How to Practice?

For qualified students with less rigid learning time, online education from Purdue is a great choice.

Purdue delivers coursework in different terms, that is to say you can choose your online class in a selected time as you like. Purdue online education provides you with online community for interacting with your classmates and inquiring your instructor. For Purdue online school students, an easy log-in brings you to the virtual online classroom and a list of choices, including assignments, e-mail, discussion boards, etc. The assignments can be done before the deadline which is required by your instructor. You can set your schedule on your coursework according to your own situation.

Online programs

Purdue is looking for an entry of a successful online education market. It focuses on quality online education programs with the cooperation of online service experts for new learners. The online cooperation programs of Purdue bring increased enrollments and high praise.

In 2011, the first online degree program is launched by Purdue and Deltak, edu, inc. which is a leading online service provider with more than 12 years experience. This program is aimed to provide essential services and strategy and apply the expertise to extend the online education for more busy students. Purdue, together with Deltak, offers online students with various degree programs with flexible options to choose. Purdue believes the high quality program is an access to new learners with innovative approach.

Purdue University Official Website: http://www.purdue.edu

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Purdue University
The Online Course in Purdue University

As a university first implementing the online graduate program, Purdue University nowadays is presenting a variety of lecture courses and offering better ways for students to learn new knowledge via online courses.

Accordingly, more online courses bring more opportunities to students to learn technological courses if they can not attend to classroom due to various constrictions. The online courses present the same amount of time with traditional courses, normally 15 to 20 hours per week.

Benefits of Purdue Online Courses

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Experiencing Online Courses in Purdue University

As a flagship university of the six-campus Purdue University system with nation’s third largest Greek community, Purdue University is home to over 41,000 students and 200 academic programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

It offers an environment of discovery and supportive approach by a record of achievement related to popular majors, including aerospace, engineering, architectural, electric engineering, mechanical engineering, science, technology and mathematics.

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