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Located in Syracuse, New York, United States, Syracuse University is a private research university whose roots can be traced back to Genesee Wesleyan Seminary.

After World War 2, this university began to transform into a major research institution. At present, Syracuse University is among the best universities in the United States. What is more, the university has been offering high quality graduate level online learning opportunities to their students from all over the world.

The online programs of Syracuse University allow students to earn a graduate level degree or certificate with life commitments, namely, family responsibilities, intensive travel schedules as well as a full-time job. Generally speaking, this university provides the following online programs to their students.

Doctorate of Professional Studies
Master of Science in Library and Information Science, School Media Specialization
Master of Science in Telecommunications and Network Management
Master of Science in Library and Information Science
Master of Science in Information Management
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Digital Libraries
Certificate of Advanced in School Media
Certificate of Advanced in Information Security Management
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Information System and Telecommunications Management

Learning Environment and Academics of Syracuse University’s Online Programs

Many people hold that online courses are not as good as the traditional classes, because students are kept in an isolate study environment. Actually, the Syracuse University’s online programs typically do require students to work cooperatively with other students online on group projects. At the same time, online interaction between faculty and students is a requirement in typical courses.

As for the admissions and credits, the online programs have the same requirements for the equivalent degree programs offered in the physical setting. If you are a student of Syracuse University’s online programs, you need to log into their online courses 7 times a week.

Syracuse University Online Learning Tips

It is widely acknowledged that successful online learners are all self-driven and motivated to complete coursework without other people’s supervision. There are some tips you had better keep in mind when taking the Syracuse University’s online programs.

1. In order to finish your study on time, students have to male a reasonable time schedule and stick to it. Generally speaking, a graduate student should plan to spend approximately 10-12 hours per week per 3-credit course engaging in online discussions, completing assignments, reading course books as well as viewing online lectures.

2. If you want to make your online learning more effective and engaging, you had better make yourself more active in the online learning community. You should speak up and participate in the course discussions and activities as often as possible.

3. Sharing your leaning experiences with your peers is of much importance for an effective online study. When you tell your learning methods or skills to your peers, you will also get their good study methods which may do you an unexpected favor.

4. The staffs and faculties of online Syracuse University are all professional and active bloggers. Keeping in connection with the school will provide you a great opportunity to get the scholarly thought, interaction, social information and some links to relevant web resources timely.

5. The Syracuse University’s online programs are really a great support for the students. However, some hardware, additional tools and software are needed for reaching those programs. So, before you apply for an online course of Syracuse University, you need to pay more attention to the course and program technology requirements.

Syracuse University Official Website: http://www.syr.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Syracuse University. For accurate and professional information, go to Syracuse University official site.

Syracuse University
Syracuse University Online Guide

For many people, attending a traditional four year college is neither possible nor practical for various reasons.

If you are among them and want to go to university for receiving higher education, you can opt for the online colleges. Today, anyone can obtain a college degree in a wide range of subjects and make their dreams come true with the help of online schooling. However, there are so many options and so much variation in online education; it can be a daunting task to decide not only what degree to pursue but also what online college to enroll in.

Ranked at number 50 among national universities in the United States, Syracuse University online which offers a variety of quality education can be the one of the best choices for people who are considering obtaining a degree online.  Read more

Syracuse University Distance Learning for M.B.A. in Business Administration

An MBA, or master’s in business administration, helps promote your career opportunities and amplify your income.

However, many working adults and professionals cannot devote their time typically required to attend traditional campus-based programs.

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Residency Requirements for Syracuse University Online Students

As we all know, many colleges and universities offer 100% online programs for students.

This means students can take their online classes through the internet completely, without having to go to school. Unlike these colleges / universities, Syracuse University has residency requirements for its online students.

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Get Enrolled in Syracuse University Online Graduate Programs

At Syracuse University, all master’s and certificates of advanced study programs offered by the School of Information Studies (SOIS) can be completed on campus, online or in a blended format.

Students participating in SOIS online programs receive the same degree as their campus counterparts. Degrees are accredited by Middle States and the American Library Association (ALA), no matter which format you choose to complete the coursework.

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Flexible Course Formats at Syracuse University

Indeed, busy schedule and family commitments are big barriers for those working individuals who are interested in continuing their education.

That’s why more and more colleges and universities are starting to offer online courses.

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