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University of Maryland University College has a long history. It originally served as an outgrowth of the University of Maryland’s evening program for adults in the 1920s.

But it became an independent institution in the year of 1970. In 1988, UMUC also became a member of the University System of Maryland. Now it serves more than 90,000 students all over the world and is ranking as the largest 4-year public university in the state.

UMUC is one of the nation’s largest distance learning universities. Up to 120 academic programs are offered in instructor-led and online classes. Online classes have been offered since the year of 1994. The university introduces online programs for bachelor, masters, doctoral degrees and undergraduate & graduate certificates.

If you’re pursuing undergraduate degrees, UMUC has more than 25 degree programs and 30 certificates that are available totally online. Whether you’re interested in business & management or computing & technology, UMUC has the right online undergraduate certificate to further your education. The university understands the varying needs of different students. You can choose from various online undergraduate majors and minors, ranging from accounting and business management to psychology and criminal justice.

Nearly all graduate and certificate programs from UMUC are available online. One good thing about UMUC graduate studies is that graduate courses are available in a hybrid format. Graduate degrees can be earned through a combination of on-campus and online classes. This flexible format is tailored to your needs.

Its online MBA program was among the recipients of the 2010 Award of the Instructional Technology Council for Outstanding eLearning Program. The IMS Global Learning Consortium also awarded its online MBA program as the 2009 Distance Program of the Year.

Please notice that online courses share some common things with on-site courses. Generally, online courses at UMUC often include many basic elements, such as online quizzes & exams, individual and group papers and assignments, use of online library resources, frequent student and faculty participation and interaction.

With UMUC online education, it’s possible for you to attend classes at any time of day, in any place you prefer. You don’t have to set foot in a classroom to complete your entire degree or certificate. If you’re still not sure whether or not online learning will work for you, here’re some benefits for UMUC online programs.

• You can have access to your online courses at your convenience. Online degree and certificate programs from UMUC are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

• Many UMUC programs are provided entirely online. It means that you can finish your degree without leaving your current job or any other responsibilities.

• UMUC has a worldwide network of online learning, which enables you to communicate and interact with classmates from every corner of the world.

• UMUC online learning also boasts a distinct feature that makes the web learning environment just like a traditional classroom thanks to their online course format.

The University of Maryland adopts an interactive, Web-based course management system for online courses, named WebTycho. This constantly evolving WebTycho classroom can help you in many areas. With WebTycho, you can organize a portfolio of your class work and notes. You’re also allowed to navigate class discussions with tabbed browsing. This interactive system also allows sending private messages to professors and classmates.

If you want to have access to UMUC online classroom, some WebTycho technical requirements apply. You must meet these technical requirements to use WebTycho.

• A computer with a compatible Web browser – Both Firefox and Internet Explorer are permitted. You must turn on the browser settings to enable Java, JavaScript to accept cookies. Then interactive activities will be allowed, including logging in, turning in assignments, chatting and editing documents.

• Internet access – Students enrolling in UMUC online classroom need a computer with Internet connection. There’re some requirements for the Internet service provider to use WebTycho. The ISP must provide access to ports 80, 1533, and 8082. Telnet and FTP service should be included.

• E-mail account – An active e-mail account is necessary for all UMUC online students. When you need to update your email address, turn to the Options/Account Preferences menu in the online WebTycho classroom.

University of Maryland University College Official Website: http://www.umuc.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to University of Maryland University College. For accurate and professional information, go to University of Maryland University College official site.

University of Maryland University College
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It’s known to us all that continuing learning is extremely important to making the most of what the world has to offer. Even ordinary people also need to keep learning for a lifetime no matter what jobs they’re taking currently. The University of Maryland has exactly what you’re looking for.

The University of Maryland’s Office of Extended Studies offers many unique learning opportunities through various programs. You can choose the best program depending on your educational goals and personal schedules. Here, we’ll bring you into a deep exploration of major programs for extended studies. Given that many students have to choose online classes due to their busy schedules, several programs that offer online courses are introduced here.

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