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Founded in 1876, the University of Oregon is the second-oldest public university in the state of Oregon.

This public, coeducational research university is a member of the Association of American Universities, an organization of leading research universities. UO comprises of eight schools and colleges, including an Arts & Science College and Honors College.

The University of Oregon is also known to be the home of the Oregon Bach Festival. This is the only major music festival that is related with an American university. Now this world-famous music festival attracts hundreds of well-known musicians, as well as more than 40,000 attendees every year.

As a world-class teaching and research university, the University of Oregon is certainly best known for its academic and research programs. The university has nearly 300 comprehensive academic programs. UO also has distance education programs for admitted and non-admitted students. You can take online distance education classes from anywhere Internet access is available. Online courses give you the flexibility to finish coursework outside the traditional classroom based on your own schedule.

What Courses are Provided Online?

The University of Oregon delivers online courses from 12 academic programs. A Master of Science degree in applied information management is included. But currently, no fully online undergraduate degree or degree-completion program is available. Online classes are offered to follow the same regular term schedule: fall, winter, spring and summer.

How Does UO Distance Education Work?

When your learning schedule conflicts with work or family, online courses can handle it. The key to online courses is the web-based teaching tools, which are used to deliver course materials. With reliable Internet access, you can take classes online anywhere you wish. The University of Oregon uses the Blackboard course management system for its online courses. In-person proctored exams are required for some online classes.

At the University of Oregon, online courses share the same term schedule with courses taken on campus. You can earn credits in the same way. Transcript will be the same for both online courses and classroom-based courses.

How to Take Online Classes?

• For Former UO Students – Some students once enrolled in a degree program of the University of Oregon. But they didn’t register for any class in the last four or more terms. For these former UO students, they’ll have to submit a re-enrollment form to the Office of the Registrar before registering online classes.

• For Admitted Students – The application process is much easier for admitted students.

Go to the university’s website and check the “Distance Education” in the subject menu. Then you can find the class schedule. You’re allowed to register for online classes you need through DuckWeb. On the first day of the term, simply login in to Blackboard and you’ll find your online course.

• For Non-admitted Students – Non-admitted students can take UO online courses through the Community Education Program. CEP is a part-time, non-admitted student status. It allows students to earn credits through online classes without formal admission. First you need to fill out the CEP eligibility form on its website. Follow the instructions and apply for a student ID number and Personal Access Code. After activating your Duck ID, you can register for preferred online classes.

Note: Some online courses at the UO need textbooks or reading packets. Then you’ll need to buy textbooks for your courses. Textbooks are available at the UO Duck store. You can purchase the needed books in person or online. Of course, textbooks are not needed for all online courses. Some courses use the UO Libraries E-Reserve program. Therefore you can contact your instructor and get to know specific textbook requirements for your course.

Most students are much concerned with costs for UO online courses. Several factors determine tuition and other mandatory fees for online courses at the University of Oregon. The costs depend on the class taken and whether you’re an admitted or non-admitted student. The course listing is the best place to find the specific fees for each online course.

Some online courses charge self-support fees. It’s good news for non-admitted students since a self-support fee is the same for all students. This flat fee replaces regular tuition. All students pay the same regardless of their student status, overall credit load or residency.

University of Oregon Official Website: http://www.uoregon.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to University of Oregon. For accurate and professional information, go to University of Oregon official site.

University of Oregon
Why Take Online Classes at University of Oregon?

It’s not uncommon that many students take full- or part-time jobs while going to college.

Time is vital for them. They may be wondering whether it’s possible or not to earn credits without stepping into a classroom. Of course yes! Online classes allow students to earn legitimate college credits without going to school on a regular basis. They can be as well as an easy way to lighten your actual physical class load during the semester.

Students who decide to take online college classes usually want to find out the benefits of taking classes online. The first and probably the most popular reason for taking online classes is greater flexibility and convenience. In addition, there’re a wider variety of options available. Now, most colleges and universities do offer online courses, giving students more selections. If you still have no idea of which to choose, why not consider enrolling in University of Oregon’s online classes?

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