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One of the oldest public universities on the West Coast – University of Washington is a public research university.

It can trace its roots to 150 years ago and now performs as the largest university in the Northwest. The University has three campuses, with the largest one located in Seattle and the other two in Bothell and Tacoma respectively.

Being a public university, the UW allows everyone to enjoy its learning resources including one of the most advanced libraries in the world. Besides, UW Professional & Continuing Education offers a wide range of courses and programs for people to take online, aiming to help working adults with busy schedule to get closer to their goals. Designed with the special needs of working professionals in mind, these courses focus on providing practical, real-world knowledge.

To furnish online learners with the highest quality education, UW Professional & Continuing Education has each of its online programs developed in partnership with various colleges, schools and departments in the UW. Better still, PCE promises to keep all the courses updated on the changes taking place in corresponding fields.

UW Certificate Programs

Partnering with lots of academic units of the UW, Professional & Continuing Education furnishes up to 125 certificate programs that you can take online or in classroom. The UW’s online certificate programs can not only afford you the certificate you desire, but also gear you up for challengeable jobs and fast-changing working environment. They will also enable you to apply newly-learnt skills to a variety of situations.

Online certificate programs from the University of Washington also come with a few other benefits:

Chances for you to explore the subject you love in depth;
Possibilities of establishing new concepts in your particular field;
Better ways to solve problems;
Opportunities to discuss and partner with experienced instructors, guest speakers and fellow students.

UW Courses & Short Programs

The University of Washington also boasts a wide range of online courses, short programs and workshops that span in various fields.

These online resources are ideal for you to get quick knowledge that you need to improve your job performance or jumpstart a new job. Besides, you can fulfill your personal interests with a few online courses related to dance, writing & editing or biopsychology.

UW Degree Programs

Always want to earn a master’s degree but can never set aside enough time in your daily routine? UW Professional & Continuing Education has a number of courses that can fit your schedule. Both graduate and undergraduate online degree programs are designed to meet the requirements of busy adult learners. If you really appreciate the intense and friendly learning atmosphere across the UW campus, manage to attend your classes in the evenings or on weekends. For those who do not want to waste a minute of their time commuting, taking classes online will be a perfect solution.

Enroll in a UW online degree program and you will benefit from:

Networking with renowned instructors, nationally famed guest speakers and promising fellow students;
Getting a widely accredited bachelor’s or master’s degree from the University of Washington;
Convenience and flexibility to attend classes whenever and wherever you like.

University of Washington Official Website: http://www.washington.edu

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to University of Washington. For accurate and professional information, go to University of Washington official site.

University of Washington
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