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As an accredited institution that offers online bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees with over 40 years of teaching experience, Walden university has graduated over 49,500 alumni, all of whom now have the capabilities and ambitions to achieve accomplishments or have achieved.

All these degrees are distributed on education, management, psychology, counseling, public health, public administration, nursing, psychology and human services.

Walden University provides 60 online degree programs and over 300 specializations and concentrations. All these online programs are written and developed by these leading industry experts and designed to assist professionals in gaining the knowledge which they desire to change their lives. Teaching staff and professors who are active in their respective fields will serve as mentors of your career advance.

Walden University boasts high academic standards, experienced faculty and rigorous curriculum. As a leader in online education, Walden University succeeds in using up-to-date technology and creating active online learning environment. You will not only enjoy the great convenience that online learning owns, but also are able to gain high-quality online learning experience which only Walden University can take to you.

Features of Online Learning Programs Offered by Walden University

A set course structure. Al the online courses of Walden University are taken in online classrooms, which allow you to complete your assignments no matter when and where you choose. The only requirement may be that you need finish within specified time frames. Your online classroom offers a syllabus, which includes your learning objectives, assignment schedule and information and materials on grading criteria. You are able to make conversations and discussions with your fellow classmates freely and conveniently. All the records of your online dialogues can be kept for reference and further research.

Online degree programs offered by Walden University deliver practical knowledge and strategies that have a deep influence on your current and future works.

Assessment and evaluation. You submit your papers and projects through a drop box, which requires your instructor to check your coursework in a private access-controlled environment, give written feedback on your assignments and put back them in the drop box for you to review. Whether you pass a course or not is based on your assignments as well as your classroom participation. After you finish your online tests, they are delivered and scored immediately by professionals. Therefore, you can get in-time feedback.

A collegial learning environment. You are able to make active interactions with instructors and classmates coming from different parts of the world. All these teaching staff and professors make all their efforts to attract every student take part in class and exchange their ideas, insights and experiences. You’re also allowed to have constant access to faculty via phones and emails. Some online degree programs even provide students with face-to-face academic residencies.

Online student support.The professional student support team will guide you through your entire online learning experience. At the beginning of the course you select, you will be offered Student Readiness Orientation which aims to help you get adapted to the refreshing learning methods as quickly as possible.

Walden University Official Website: http://www.waldenu.edu

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Walden University
Online Nursing School from Walden University

Here I am not going to peddle or anything. It is not like that I am getting kick-back by talking smooth.

Just facts.

A 2002 report by the Health Resources and Services Administration indicated that thirty states in the United States were estimated to have registered nurse shortage in 2000. By 2020, it would be 44 states and the D.C.

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Empower Career Opportunity with Walden University B.S. in Public Health

The continuous economic woes create enormous challenges to all of us.

This is especially true with college graduates. They find, to their great disappointment, the employment circumstances tough. All these pose a question for would-be college students: what are the extremely active degrees?

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Attractive Features of Walden University Online

Walden University is a top class of an online university that specializes in online masters and doctoral degrees.

It is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and is a member of the association of American Universities. Walden University aims to allow working adults to advance their professional degree while still working and provides a series of programs with this in mind. There’re several features Walden University online learning affords.


Walden University allows students not only to do academic work, but also to use new skills in a practical way as a professional. Doctoral programs can be set as questions which are related to the students’ occupation or profession.

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