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Earn Your Executive MBA Degree Online

By Andrea Price, Category: Online MBA

MBA usually attracts students from various academic disciplines. To accommodate different students’ needs, there’re various kinds of MBA degree programs. Executive MBA programs are a basic type of MBA degree programs. EMBA programs are usually created for managers and executives. Students can always earn an EMBA degree in two yeas or less while working full time.

When compared with other MBA programs, EMBA always has some distinct features. EMBA students often have nearly 10 years of professional work experience or more. Other MBA students usually have a lower level of work experience. Now many top business schools, like Columbia Business School, provide EMBA programs for business leaders. However, if you cannot spare much time to attend a traditional EMBA program, online EMBA programs will be good alternatives. Choose from several options and achieve your career goals.

Washington State University Online Executive MBA Program

Washington State University College of Business is recognized as one of the best business schools in the United States by the Princeton Review. The online Executive MBA program is also accredited by the AACSB, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This online EMBA program features a wide array of advantages.

With a heavy focus on problem-solving, the WSU online Executive MBA program lets students refine their business skills and sharpen their business acumen. Graduates of this EMBA program will become agile global business leaders. If you want to succeed in the online program, a strong commitment of time and effort is required.

As for the time constraints, the online Executive MBA program at Washington State University can be finished in as little as 18 months. However, the specific time of completing the program depends on the amount of time you spend on studying each week. Typically, you must complete all required courses. The curriculum for this online EMBA program consists of several different parts:

• Analytic tools (e.g. accounting, finance, management & operations)

• Strategic tools (e.g. marketing, management information systems)

• Global business (e.g. international business management)

• Managing efficient and innovative businesses

• Capstone project and final presentation

The online Executive MBA program has a comprehensive evaluation process for enrollment. The program is only offered for students with a minimum of 7 years’ professional business experience. Both GPA and GMAT scores are required. Other admission requirements include EMBA supplemental form, 3 letters of recommendation, resume, official transcripts, employer endorsement support and official copies of certificates and diplomas.

This online EMBA program is not only available for U.S. students. Qualified international students can also apply. For international students, Washington State University requires TOEFL scores and personal test of English.

E. Philip Saunders College Online Executive MBA

It’s always impossible for busy professionals to attend classes at a traditional campus. RIT’s E. Philip Saunders College of Business creates the online Executive MBA program for these professionals with significant business experience. The R.I.T. online Executive MBA program is perfect for experienced professionals who want to accelerate their current careers.

According to the academic requirements, students will be asked to take 4 courses each quarter. Each course is 6 weeks in length. Typically, a total of 25 courses must be completed for 72 credits to graduate from the program. Most EMBA students will dedicate 20-25 hours each week on their program studies, including team work and assignments.

Unlike traditional MBA programs, this online Executive MBA program is geared primarily toward mature professionals who have gained much working experience in the workforce. To enter the program, participants must have a minimum of six to seven years’ professional business experience. Experienced students are proved to have essential background knowledge that is necessary to complete the assignments and discuss the business issues over the duration of the program.

However, students do not have to take the GMAT or GRE test to be admitted to the online Executive MBA program. According to applicants’ professional contributions and experience, a waiver of GMAT is available. For those who do not meet the outlined admission requirements, a GMAT is recommended.

If you’re eligible for the program, make sure to submit your application package. An application package for the online EMBA program usually includes various items, such as:

• A resume showing all work experience;

• Official transcripts from all schools you have attended before;

• Completed EMBA application form;

• Two letters of recommendation;

• Personal statement/essay;

• One-time, $100 non-refundable application fee;

International students outside of the United States may be also admitted to the online EMBA program. In addition to regular application criteria, international students also need to provide some extra documents, such as credits evaluated by World Education Services, TOEFL results and original sheets.

Howard University Online Executive MBA

Both experienced and emerging business leaders who’d like to strengthen their skills to the executive levels can consider the Howard University online Executive MBA program. The AACSB-accredited online EMBA program enables students to get into higher-level leadership positions in the rapidly evolving business world.

Participants can have access to the Howard network and top executives in the program. This 100% online EMBA program can be completed in as few as 18 months, offering maximum career flexibility and convenience for students. Online courses allow students to continue to work full time and manage other life commitments. Please be aware that the program does not accept transfer credits.

As opposed to other Executive MBA programs, the criteria for this online program are not that strict. Like many other EMBA programs, the Howard University online Executive MBA program also requires a minimum of seven years of professional work experience. In addition, applicants must have an undergraduate degree from a college or university that is regionally accredited. Both GMAT and GPA are not required.

International students are also encouraged to apply. These students must take TOEFL if English is their second language. International students need to submit TOEFL results that are forwarded from the Educational Testing Service.

The three online Executive MBA programs are delivered totally online. No matter which program you prefer, you must have a minimum of six or seven years’ professional work experience. Based on graduates’ reviews, all of the three EMBA programs have superior ratings. So, any of the three programs will suit your needs if you’re seeking career advancement.

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  1. Mirabelle Gamelin Said:

    The three EMBA programs are excellent choices. Superior accreditation, flexible curriculum and experienced teach faculty can ensure that students can get quality education and have greater chances for career advancement after graduation. Perhaps you can add something on the tuition costs. In my opinion, most online MBA or EMBA programs are not cheap. So we’d better compare the tuition rates and choose a more affordable one.

  2. dumplicate_work Said:

    Now many business schools offer online MBA and EMBA programs. Strictly speaking, MBA and EMBA programs are targeted towards different groups of people. As you’ve said before, EMBA programs are primarily created for senior, more experienced individuals with at least 7 or more years of working experience.

  3. Laura Said:

    My boss wants me to attend an online EMBA program. I also say yes to his request. After all, I do not have to pay the tuition costs. I’m working in my hotel for nearly 10 years. It’s also a good time to refresh myself. But the question is: which school suits me best. I do not have to consider the tuition. But I always have a busy schedule and all classes will have to be taken in my spare time. So a 100% online degree program is preferred. Any good recommendations?

  4. love cartoon Said:


    You may be happy to learn that you do have various selections for online EMBA programs. I only know a few alternatives, like St. Joseph’s College online EMBA program, Columbia Business School’s executive MBA program and Howard online executive MBA program. As for which to choose, it totally depends on you. We cannot help you make the decision.

  5. Blanch Said:

    Aha, I know Howard University. It is definitely a good choice for online executive MBA. According to online resources, the School of Business was recently named sixed on the U.S. News and World Report list of 10 MBAs with most financial value at graduation. The list ranks the 10 business programs where graduates earn the most in their first year relative to their debt load.

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