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Can I Get My Juris Doctorate Degree Online

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Have you ever heard of juris doctorate degree? Usually abbreviated as J.D., the term juris doctorate is a Latin term for Doctor of Law. In most cases, students need to spend at least three years to complete this degree. However, online degree programs will shorten the learning period to a large extent. At the same time, unlike some other online doctorate programs, juris doctorate requires no dissertation, which will help you obtain your degree easily.

People who are interested in becoming a lawyer and achieving a degree through the internet will find that online juris doctorate program is the best option. No matter what kind of official form you want to take to practice law in the United States, you need to have a juris degree. Perhaps, that is the main reason accounting for the popularity of online juris doctorate degree. In addition, those who have obtained an online PhD degree in juris doctorate may become a lawyer and get high salary.

What Can I Learn from Online Juris Doctorate Degree?

The primary objectives of the juris doctorate degree programs are to provide the basic legal knowledge and skills to students. Online juris doctorate degree program is not an exception. If you take the online juris courses, you will be able to acquire the following abilities that can help you build a bright future.

• Understand and uphold the legal responsibilities

• Research applicable case, regulatory laws as well as statutory

• Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology

• Analyze a client’s legal problems

• Develop an effective legal strategy

• Represent a client fully

• Demonstrate the ability to distinguish, summarize and apply the legal principals involved in traditional fields of law study

What Are the Admission Requirements for Online Juris Doctorate Degree?

All the applicants for online juris doctorate degree have to get a bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited postsecondary institution. An application form regarding your personal information is a necessity. If you are seeking advanced online courses, you have to submit an official transcript of all your previous law study as well. Some application fees are also needed for your online juris doctorate degree. But, the fees may vary in different states.

Top online Juris Doctorate Degree Programs

Nowadays, many famous and great universities have provided the juris doctorate degree online. Thus, students who are considering taking an online juris course have many options to choose. Following is among the top online juris doctorate degree programs which will help you complete your doctorate degree successfully.

1. University of Cincinnati: Founded in 1819, this university offers flexible and convenient online courses to their students all the time. Obtaining your juris doctorate degree from this university will secure you a success in your career.

2. Walden University: Students who are interested in receiving a respected doctor’s degree had better consider Walden University. The dedicated teachers and high quality education resources have made this university a sparkling star in the field of online education.

3. Keiser University Graduate School:Keiser University offers master’s and doctor’s degrees that are in high demand and provides job placement assistance to all their students. Online juris doctorate degree is among the most popular majors.

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  1. strong_heart Said:

    When it comes to traditional J.D. programs, you may have to spend up to three years and more than $100,000 to earn degree. That’s one important reason for the popularity of online J.D. programs. But be aware of potential pitfalls.

    Online J.D. programs are not accredited by the American Bar Association. California is the only U.S. state that allows online graduates to take the bar exam. So if you want to take the bar exam in other states, you’d better not enroll in an online J.D. program.

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