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How to Earn Your High School Diploma through Online Classes

By Andrea Price, Category: Online Classes

Online classes are not exclusive to college students and adult students any more. More and more online classes are tailored to meet the needs of high school students. It can be good news for homeschooling students who cannot go to campus because of health or other reasons. These students will be able to earn their high school diploma at home while taking online classes. If you have to earn your high school diploma online, these simple steps can let you know the whole process.

Step 1: Choose an online high school

It can be a difficult task to choose a proper online high school. You always have to consider several factors, like accreditation, curriculum, faculty and tuition costs etc. Nowadays, there’re many different kinds of online high schools, such as private online schools, public online schools, charter schools and university-sponsored schools.

Generally, public online schools offer classes for free. However, you’ll have to pay tuition each semester if you’re attending a private online high school. What types of online high school are you most interested in? Then your selections will be narrowed down.

If you’re planning to earn your high school diploma through taking online classes, be sure to select an accredited online high school. Regionally accredited online high schools often have the widest acceptance. Diplomas earned from regionally accredited schools will be accepted by most colleges, universities and employers as well.

I’d like to introduce several nice online high schools here. Check for the details and you may find the online classes you’re interested in.

• Insight Schools

This is a different kind of online public high school. Insight Schools is now offering a free program to deliver tuition-free individualized high school courses. The online program features a rigorous curriculum. Online high school students can choose from more than 120 courses, including foundation courses, core courses, elective courses, honors and AP courses and more.

All online courses are taught by experienced state-certified teachers, who know how to instruct and inspire online learners well. After completing the graduation requirements, you’ll be able to earn your online high school diploma. Online diplomas earned through Insight Schools will be recognized by colleges and universities throughout the nation.

In addition, Insight Schools also allows students to take online classes to earn college credits. Online courses are delivered in an interactive virtual classroom environment. Possible online class sessions include live instructional sessions and one-to-one student-teacher meetings. Online course delivery formats include audio, live chat, group interactions and video. Kids won’t feel bored.

• West Madison Falls High School

If you have to earn your high school diploma online, West Madison Falls High School has a free and fast program for high school students. The program is created for those who have no time to receive a traditional GED or high school diploma because of time constraints. The online program enables students to get a diploma in a short time.

According to your own learning space, you’ll be able to earn your high school diploma in a week or less. It’s really amazing. You just need to complete the online enrollment and take the online test at your own pace. After completing the enrollment, you’ll receive a username and password. Then you can log in with the username and password and take the test.

In fact, there’re many other online high schools for earning a high school diploma, such as Stanford University Online High School, Florida Virtual School and Keystone School. Plenty of options will make it easier to choose the best online school that fits your needs.

Step 2: Complete the enrollment and pass the online exam

After choosing the right online high school, you can start the enrollment and take classes. Generally, each online school has different requirements toward graduation. Generally, most online schools require students to complete certain credit hours of study before taking the online exam. However some online schools do not accept credit transfers. You should be clear about the requirements prior to the enrollment. The best method is to contact the admission office of your favorable school.

Step 3: Receive the diploma

Once you pass the online exam, the online school you’re enrolled in will give you an online high school diploma. You can choose the way of how to receive your diploma. Typically, some online schools will send diplomas to students via mail. Sometimes free shipping is offered. If you choose delivery, make sure the address you provide is accurate.

Earning an online high school diploma is really easy. What’s more, you can enroll in some free programs. Then you can complete and earn your high school diploma quickly.

6 Responses to “How to Earn Your High School Diploma through Online Classes”

  1. Stefen Hollaman Said:

    You got the point! It’s extremely important to choose an online high school with accreditation. The two accredited online high schools introduced before are nice options. But we all know that not all accredited online schools are created equal. The best bet is to earn a high school diploma through an regionally accredited school. Then the diploma will have the widest acceptance.

  2. Eaton Said:

    I earned my high school diploma online from Insight School of Washington. This school provide 100% online courses in high school level based on a rigorous full-time curriculum. Since Insight is a public high school, it receives the same funding as traditional high school and does not charge tuition fees. Insight School of Washington is authorized by the Quillayute Valley School District and accredited by the National Accreditation Commission. You can visit Insight School in your state to find out the specific accreditation info.

  3. Daisy Said:

    Traditional high schools require 4 complete academic years. I am wondering if online schools have such requirements as well. Whether it is allowed to earn an online high school diploma within a shorter term and on a self-paced schedule, or the students must comply with the schools’ academic schedules.

  4. Turnbow Said:

    I know many online high schools allow students to learn on their pace, on the condition that they complete the required credits within their 4 years in high school.

  5. P. Roberts Said:

    I think step 1 – choosing an online school – is quite important. I mean it is important to find a right and reputable online high school. So, do carefully evaluate institutions before deciding which school best suits your needs.

  6. castle_in_the_sea Said:

    Many of us may be wondering the length of time required to earn an online high school diploma. It depends. Most online high schools have requirements on the total credits for graduation. As long as you have achieved the required number of credits, you’ll be able to take the exam and earn a diploma.

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