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How to make friends with classmates?

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Find new friends among classmates as easy as on the playground. The main thing to remember to smile, to be good is natured and positive and strive to become part of the new team.

The transition to a new school – is stress. Even the most communicative students are afraid that they will not in the team, and have a long time to earn credibility in the new environment. But, in fact, if observe some simple rules, you can appeal to new classmates on the first day.

It is not necessary to withdraw into themselves

People do not like closed in any group. Especially if the team was formed, but modest closed novice gets to it last. Therefore, prior to the first meeting with new classmates should convince yourself that closed in itself – it is bad, it is much more useful to try to adjust with them on the same wavelength in the course of communication. In addition, with the same age to find common themes are not as difficult as with people older.

Downer never held in high esteem

You can certainly try to show off knowledge at the first lesson, but do not try to conquer all especially your intellect. And then it does not matter in the 7th grade you study or 11. The more you “shine” as the main “know-all”, the less likely as soon as possible to become in the team.

But even in extreme fall should not be – pretend stupider than you really are. Better at first to adhere to the golden mean in study and communication, and by understanding the priorities of the class and the collective mood, to express themselves fully.

“Share your smile”

Smile – a good pass to any team. And besides smile, you can share a candy, books, pen or eraser. Of course, the gifts do not have to look like a bribe. Much better if the food brought to school will be a kind of celebration of your option of visiting team. Would be appropriate to capture your mother’s cake or muffins.

Do not be shy

You are – newcomer , and therefore have every right not to know the name of the teacher or even guess where is the cabinet of Russian language and literature. Ask for help from classmates, and they will respond. And with a simple, at first glance, the question can start a strong friendship.

It is only important to be polite. You should look to local rules and traditions. It is clear that in your previous school, it could be completely different, but you did not study in it anymore, and so should get used to match the surroundings and the mood of the team.

Another very important point, for parents, set your child on what to talk about themselves is necessary, but not for very long. If he will praise himself and others, and will not have time to say a word – he will not like his classmates. Useful slightly embellish their accomplishments, but explain that you should not get involved in that then it does not disappoint. Not bad, if a child mentions about his extra-curricular activities. A few days later the child can demonstrate as paints, or dancing, or riding on the rollers.

Explain to your child that wait for becoming familiar with him , it is not necessary. Let ask, what good is there in the school, or to find out about the interests of others. Usually in September begins to set in art and music studios, technical societies and sports clubs. If the child wants, let him not hesitate to join one of the groups. So he will quickly find friends.

Tell your child that compare old and new school prohibited. No comments about the old, no criticism of the new! He may be misunderstood. Most likely, it will provoke such a comparison to even ask direct questions: “Where do you like? What did you have the best?” easy answer- that the old school was good and new school he like also too much. Such a response creates a positive image of the newcomer , people think, it all good, because he is a good.

And finally convince a child that a change of place – this is the perfect opportunity to start something, do not repeat the mistakes of the old ones. This will give him confidence.

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