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The Online Course in Purdue University

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As a university first implementing the online graduate program, Purdue University nowadays is presenting a variety of lecture courses and offering better ways for students to learn new knowledge via online courses. Accordingly, more online courses bring more opportunities to students to learn technological courses if they can not attend to classroom due to various constrictions. The online courses present the same amount of time with traditional courses, normally 15 to 20 hours per week.

Benefits of Purdue Online Courses

With online courses provided in Purdue, students not only can get their online classes at anytime they want but take the advantages of online learning. Here are the benefits

• Firstly, some courses require necessary devices to assist a better understanding to the content. Though some classrooms are equipped with modern devices such as project screens, some are not. That is why an online course means a lot for these students who want to have better visual aids.

• Secondly, online courses from Purdue University have more flexibility. Students with less spare time and more obligations in family or their jobs can have their online class without time constraint compared to traditional class which requires regular attendance.

• Purdue is considering to offer large courses to students with more learning materials. These large courses are essential for students to have core requirement lectures in hall, but are insufficient to conduct all types of learning. By contrast, online classes can offer hands-on approach and a better interaction for students to partake. Plus, students can correspond with other students who are enrolled in the same online courses or online course faculties.

• Moreover, online course in Purdue University well affects budget issues. Compared with traditional class, online classes avail students with cost-efficient way with less faculty positions and more selections of courses.

Graduate Degree Program

There are many courses offered by graduate degree programs from Purdue University. These graduate degree programs are specifically connected with online or distance education. As an online courses student, you can communicate or even debate with your faculties or classmates via e-mail, chats room or discussion boards. Therefore the graduate degree programs are presented as below.

• Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics (MSAAE)

Purdue tailors working professional engineers with engineering courses and online master’s level. What a great chance for students to earn a non-thesis of MSAAE degree via internet.

• Master of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Management

These 100 percent distance courses are presented to students with 12 credit hour certificate.

• Agricultural Economics MS/MBA

This program offers a dual Purdue University Master of Science (MS) and Indiana University Master of Business Administration (MBA) and adopts online courses mostly. For students, they can finish MS program in 21 months or MS-MBA in 27 months.

• Interdisciplinary Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)

MSE program allows you to work with your faculties to design the study plan which can fit your own situation. You can also work with your faculties via online MSE courses.

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3 Responses to “The Online Course in Purdue University”

  1. Andrew Said:

    I have the intention to expand my management skills by earning an online MBA degree. You said that Purdue University has a MS-MBA program. What about the admission requirements and curriculum? I cannot attend any physical classes due to busy schedules. So I need a 100% online program. Is this MS-MBA program right for me?

  2. DD_cole Said:

    To be honest with you, I am interested in the Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Purdue University. You know I want to advance my career in the airline industry and I want to become a senior engineer on advanced research and development projects. This requires a master degree in MSAAE to help me realize my dream.

  3. 9LeiV Said:

    Surely, Purdue online classes boast huge flexibility and many other benefits. But, I think there are no special about their online classes. You know online degree programs from many other colleges and universities have these benefits.

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