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Online Healthcare MBA Programs for Working Professionals

By Andrea Price, Category: Online MBA

There’re many benefits to enroll in an online MBA program. Earning an online MBA degree can prepare you for further career advancement. Online MBA programs are a more convenient and flexible alternative to traditional campus-based MBA programs. No matter you’re working full time or assuming family obligations, online MBA courses can be taken anywhere as long as you have Internet connection.

Online MBA programs also offer as many specializations as possible. Now most business schools allow online students to choose from various specializations, such as marketing, finance, international management, project management, entrepreneurship and healthcare management. Now many online MBA candidates are interested in healthcare management.

Why choose healthcare management specialization?

Many MBA candidates are making great efforts to improve the healthcare industry. For these aspiring healthcare professionals, an online MBA in healthcare can be considered. Through the online studies of a healthcare MBA program, graduates will be fully prepared for leadership roles in the changing environment of healthcare management. Students will be ready to deal with the challenges of working in the healthcare industry.

MBA graduates specializing in healthcare management are always high in demand. Healthcare is proved to be the fastest growing sector and it’s estimated that the industry is likely to create three million job opportunities by the year of 2016. With an online MBA degree in healthcare management, you will have abundant career options, such as supply chain management, nursing administration and patient care services etc.

What are some suitable online healthcare MBA programs?

It’s definitely a wise move to choose healthcare management while pursing your MBA degree online. If you’re planning to earn an online MBA in healthcare management, several online programs can be nice options.

George Washington University Online Healthcare MBA Program

A large number of working professionals want to expand their knowledge of business in healthcare. The George Washington University Online Healthcare MBA program is specially designed for those working professionals. This online program makes it possible to complete the degree from your office, home or anywhere with Internet access.

To complete the online degree in healthcare, you’ll be required to enroll in 23 seven-week core classes and 12 elective classes. Core classes will teach you precious knowledge in various areas, like business law, strategy, finance and marketing management. You’ll be allowed to choose optional classes in areas, such as physician practice management, managing skilled nursing facilities and management of acute care hospitals.

Through learning the fundamentals of business and management, graduates will be able to take on more leadership responsibilities and their business knowledge will be expanded as well. With accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the George Washington University School of Business ensures the highest level of MBA education for students.

To apply for the online healthcare MBA program, all candidates must meet the admission requirements. A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education is required. GMAT scores are also an important criterion for admission. In addition, applicants must have three to five years of professional working experience.

Northeastern University Online MBA Healthcare Management

Northeastern University’s online MBA program aims to increase candidates’ competence and confidence in the current career. Online MBA students are allowed to get focused knowledge in their area of interest. With an online MBA degree in healthcare management, graduates will have a wide array of management opportunities in many possible areas, like directing healthcare operations, healthcare staffing, long-term care facilities and healthcare facilities etc.

Graduates of this online healthcare management MBA program will qualify for various employment positions, such as biotech, healthcare consulting, pharmaceuticals, venture capital & market research providers and healthcare service providers.

The online program consists of 17 courses and requires a total of 50 credits for graduation. All MBA online students have to complete 12 core courses. As for online MBA healthcare management specialization, four electives are available, including:

• Healthcare finance

• Introduction to health informatics and health information systems

• Strategic decision-making for healthcare professionals

• Healthcare industry

Once you’re enrolled in the program, you’ll be recommended to spend 15-20 hours a week studying. You can select to take classes in the evening, on weekends or even during business travelling. To accommodate your busy schedules, the program offers up to nine start dates throughout the year to ensure you can get started whenever you want.

To qualify for the online healthcare management MBA program, candidates must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. At least five years of demonstrated professional experience is required. Plus a GPA score of 3.0 or higher is needed.

• Western Governors University Online Healthcare MBA Program

The Western University Online healthcare MBA program is totally different from other online MBA programs. The online program does not rely on classes in the traditional sense. No courses are required toward credit hours. Instead, your progress will be based on papers, team projects and simulations and other assignments.

To give you high-level competence in healthcare management, you must complete and pass all required rigorous assessments, including projects, simulations and assignments. Progress in your degree studies will be measured according to Competency Units (CUs). They are credit equivalents that can be used to determine your completion of the required assessments. A total of 36 CUs are required.

Typically, the program consists of six domains of study, together with the completion of a capstone project. The six domains of study are listed as follows:

• Creating and maintaining business value

• Healthcare management

• Innovation

• Leading people and teams

• Management and strategy

• Products and customer relationship management

Generally, the program can be completed in 2 years. If you want to earn your degree in the shortest possible time, you’ll have to complete as much of your degree as possible in each term. Since this online healthcare MBA program adopts the competency-based approach, the degree completion times vary based on three major factors, including your current knowledge & skills in healthcare, your self-motivation & determination and the amount of time you spend on the program each week.

If you’re an experienced healthcare professional, the online healthcare MBA program can help you advance your career. In addition, the program is also suitable for qualified professionals who are seeking for manager roles in the healthcare industry.

5 Responses to “Online Healthcare MBA Programs for Working Professionals”

  1. sleepycat Said:

    Among all the choices you provide, George Washington University Online sounds great. It is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the abbreviation form of which is AACSB. I believe that some may have heard of it before. AACSB is the honor only for business programs.

  2. colorful_time Said:

    I prefer the Western Governors University online healthcare MBA program. It’s very special. I hate taking traditional classes, even online. To graduate from this program, I just need to finish all required papers, team projects and some other assignments. No classes are taken! What about the tuition costs? If it’s too expensive, I guess I cannot afford it.

  3. Jacobs Said:

    In addition to the universities mentioned in this article, University of Phoenix, Florida Tech University and Kaplan University are all good options for online healthcare MBA programs for working professionals.

  4. Ishraq Futun Said:


    Good news is that the program has affordable tuition. It can be typically half what other reputable online universities charge. One special feature of this program is that you pay for the time, instead of the credits. Generally, you need to pay $3,250 each six-month term. If you can complete the program in shorter time, you’ll pay less. It totally depends on you!

  5. Nelf1968 Said:

    I prefer Western Governs University as well. It is so great that there are no credit hours required in its online healthcare MBA program. As I know, in addition to George Washington University and Northeastern University, most accredited online degree programs require students to complete a set amount of credit hours for successful graduation.

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