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Selecting a right online school or university sometimes is harder than you think. You need a list of top online universities and schools to compare and choose from.

Online Universities & Schools
Federal loan programs

In the United States, there are two main groups of educational credit:

  • Federal Student Loan, Parent Loan;
  • Private Loan.

Federal credit may be granted directly University (Federal Perkins Loan) or accredited financial institution or bank (Federal Stafford Loan). Guarantee against default is the Government of the United States. During his studies, loan interest paid by the government, and after graduating from university provides respite for 9 months. Read more

The main trends in the development of educational loans in the US

In the context of the transformation of the education system in Russia, increasing the share of paid education is urgent to develop an effective program of educational loans. For the purpose of better understanding of what can be learned from the experience of other countries to form your own program and institutional development strategy paid education in Russia, analyze the main trends in lending to education in the United States and on the basis of this, offer recommendations for Russia.

Educational loans to students in the US have been using for over 45 years. Each year according to the Higher Education Act in 1965, depending on the economic situation in the country is being amended, which should increase the resources of colleges and universities, as well as to facilitate the provision of financial assistance to students. Read more

Credit for higher education in the US

Lending service training of citizens spread not only in Russia. It is very popular in the United States. It is believed that investing money in their own learning not only to cultivate a person, but then allow to earn more by producing higher wages, as highly skilled workers are more valued. Such an assessment experts not only in our country but also in the global market workers. Many believe that higher education in the United States better so they seek it. Read more

Music education in the UK

In the UK, focused a lot of exemplary universities, which annually attract large flows of foreign students. Especially popular are the higher education institutions in the country at the Russian-speaking students. Britain provides the opportunity to receive the prestigious music education in the UK in specialized schools and conservatories. It was here, after passing musical training, students gain the opportunity for long-term employment and career opportunities. Read more

Girls’ schools in England

St.Mary’s School, a boarding school for girls in Cambridge, was founded more than a century institution ten years ago – in 1898. St marys school provides an excellent opportunity to realize individual mental and physical capacities of girls, and in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Education in separate schools, as some teachers effectively. Studies suggest that in such schools the girls performed better realize their leadership qualities, showing wide interests. In addition to the curriculum, the system of additional training in St marys school offers a wide variety of items for girls artistic cycle. Read more

Why more people are choosing Online Training?

фкешAccording to the survey Ambient Insight, the global market online education in 2012 compared with 2011 increased by 57% and reached a size in 56.2 billion US dollars. It is expected that in 2015 the market for this type of training will be doubled. In Russia and the CIS annual market volume of online learning is increased by more than 20%. In some segments of the growth is 80%.

What the secret of the popularity online learning? Read more

7 of the best universities in the US

US higher education institutions are among the most prestigious in the world: the highest level of education, a long-standing university tradition, a great level of equipment and the ability to practice in major international corporations. Top US universities provide opportunities for students from other countries, and this is a great opportunity not only to see the country, begin to work, but also to meet future colleagues, proven yourself in practice, to realize the dream and start racing career in almost any country in the world and get a master’s degree in the United States. Read more

What are the best universities in Europe?

European universities occupy a worthy place in the world ranking educational institutions, and if you want to get a really prestigious education in Europe you can choose the best of the best. It is only necessary to understand that in elite institutions is the high admission requirements and the tuition fees can be respectively.

Below are the most prestigious and the best institutions of higher education in Europe. Read more

How to choose a university in Canada? Best Universities.

Canadian education is one of the best and most prestigious in the world. Many of Canada’s largest universities made the list of top 100 universities in the world in the ranking of the prestigious British publication Times Higher Education.

Canadian universities offer quality education in comparison with the US and Europe lower prices, so go to Canada every year to 40 thousand foreigners wishing to join the science. Higher education institutions in Canada are divided into colleges and universities. Read more

Psychological advice to parents of applicants

Psychological advice to parents of applicants (how to deal with children’s excitement)

Often the nervousness injected parents of graduates arguments about the uselessness of the exam and wrong it.

The first piece of advice for parents – do not try to cheat the child and not to escalate the situation.

The word “exam” is translated from Latin as “test”.

And it tests, complex, sometimes dramatic, become final for the eleventh. Many young boys and girls after a short break again being tested knowledge and skills – is the entrance exams. Read more

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