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Woman teaches passenger who put his feet up on train seat a lesson – by sitting on him

This video captures the moment a woman tries to teach a lesson to a man who refused to take his feet off a train seat.

The incident took place on Canada’s transportation system on Wednesday, when the middle-aged woman boarded the train.

She was shocked to discover a man resting both his feet on a seat, and decided to take matters in to her own hands by apparently sitting on his feet.

The man then gets irate and tells the woman – who has been identified as Miel Vasulka – to ‘get off me please’, to which she replies: “I’m trying to explain to you that your feet shouldn’t be on the seat.”
The man then eventually pushes her off him and storms away, saying, “I’m about to spit in your f*****g face.”

Since the incident, Vasulka has insisted she did not sit on his feet, and that she actually sat in front of them.

She told The Star: “I want to emphasize that I didn’t sit on his feet.

Man claims to find dead MOUSE inside bottle of Diet Coke

A man claims he found a DEAD MOUSE inside a bottle of Diet Coke – but social media users smelled a rat sparking speculation he faked the incident.

Erick Dixon posted a live video on Facebook of his disgusting discovery which soon went viral, with more than 5.7 million views.

He told viewers: “I found something a bit strange in the top part of the bottle and decided to record a video while emptying the drink.
In the footage, Erick uses a large knife to prise the cap off a glass bottle of the soft drink, branded as Coca-Cola Light in that territory.

There is no audible hiss of escaping gas though a bubble can be seen flying out of the bottle after it is opened.
He seems surprised to find some hairs on the underside of the cap, telling viewers: “There are hairs in the cover. There are also hairs inside. I am going to throw it because it is too disgusting.”

He pours the dark liquid into a sink and once it has drained, a dead rodent is seen inside the bottle.
Erick says: “Look at this, something is appearing now. I don’t know if you can see it, but this is a rat, inside a Coke bottle.

“It is a new Coke, just bought in Oxxo, it does not matter where it was bought, but it was new, totally new, and there is a kind of little mouse.

“This is the mouse that invaded my Coke. If you drink Coke, please check it before drinking it.”
Netizen ‘Marla C Valles’ said: “We almost believe you, man.”
‘Jacob Espinosa’ said: “When he opened the bottle, there was no gas from inside.”

But ‘Teresa Ortega’ wrote: “What a disgusting thing!”

‘Bianca J Primero’ added: “Very disgusting, poor you, man. I do not notice if there are hairs in the cover or what, but it is disgusting anyway.”

Revealed: True story behind ‘furious’ woman cyclist wrecking van of ‘cat-calling workman’

The company behind a viral video apparently showing a cat-calling victim ripping the wing mirror from a white van man’s vehicle has admitted not everything is as it seems.

In the video, the van driver shouts over to a female cyclist: “Alright, want my number?” – and she is later asked: “You on your period?”

The ‘enraged cyclist’ later responds by pulling up alongside the vehicle, with two men inside, and yanking its wing mirror off.

But after witnesses began claiming the video was actually staged by a camera crew, the company responsible for distributing it made a humiliating admission.

Paul Beiboer, the boss of Jungle Creations, which claims to “create and curate the best content on the internet”, said his firm handed out the footage “under the impression that it portrayed real-life events”, but now believes the video may be “factually incorrect”.

“Contrary to reports, we want to make clear that we were in no way involved in the making or production of this video.

“The video was received from a third-party content provider and it was distributed on Viral Thread under the impression that it portrayed real-life events.

“We rigorously vet all content received from third parties to ascertain its credibility, but unfortunately our usual high standards were not met on this video.
Kareem Naaman said on social media after the footage went viral: “This is fake and was filmed by actors. Mate of mine saw it all being filmed.

“Not sure who or why, but interested to find out what it was for.”

Glamorous TV presenter left red-faced after wardrobe malfunction while presenting The Price is Right

Eagle-eyed viewed slowed down a recording of the show to capture the moment Danielle Atkin had her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

She was presenting the Australian version of The Price is Right when her red dress failed to keep her contained.

As the crowd cheers behind her, her dress slips down as the presenter smiles to the camera.

YouTuber pranks boyfriend by splattering herself with fake blood – but joke takes hilarious turn when he FAINTS

Cheeky Rebekah Eldridge from Milton Keynes covered her hand and a kitchen knife in the liquid pretending she had cut herself.
But when her boyfriend Reuben Fiander rushes to her aid he suddenly falls ill when she shows him her hands.
The video shows Rebekah ringing up her partner and saying: “Can you come back to the house please, I’ve cut my hand and it won’t stop bleeding.”

After he agrees to come home she turns to the camera with a cheeky grin on her face.

“I’m literally going to make it so bad,” she says, as she liberally covers her palms and a kitchen knife, adding: “That’s two tubes of blood.”

When he walks in he hurries towards her but stops dead in his tracks at the sight and puts his hand over his mouth in horror.
“How did you do that?” he asks, holding onto the nearest surface and looking rather ill.

He then suddenly drops to the floor, causing Rebekah to cry out: “Babe” before she rushes over to him.
“Babe, it was just a joke,” she says as she tries to revive him.

When he comes round he fails to see the funny side and hauls himself up the floor, much subdued.

“As long as you’re okay,” he murmurs, as she continues to laugh at the prank.

Brit teen set for stardom after bedroom version of ‘Grease’ classic racks up 6MILLION YouTube views

Talented Daisy Clark, 18, from Cornwall, is tipped to be the next big thing after bosses at music giant Warner spotted her song.
Talented Daisy Clark, 18, had only just worked out the guitar chords to the 70s classic ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ from the musical ‘Grease’ and recorded her first attempt at it.

She posted it on her YouTube channel and it was snapped up by Music Crowns, a promotion platform for unsigned and independent music artists.
They shared it on Facebook where it has since had SIX MILLION views in six months.

It was spotted by music giants Warner who are now putting their massive resources behind promoting her video.
She said: “I’m so excited about it all. It’s my first release and the feedback on the video was amazing.”

Insanely flexible woman can limbo under a CAR – with a tray of drinks

Shemika Charles, also known as The Limbo Queen is the world record holder for the lowest limbo.
The Limbo Queen shared a video of herself shimmying under the Toyota 4×4 , wearing a red catsuit, as she balanced two trays filled with beverages.
Amazingly, she managed to complete the challenge without spilling a drop.
The video, which has been shared across social media, has gone viral with more than 25 million views.

“Middle-aged” woman removes bra and dress in street to have a fist fight

There are many things you’re likely to see on your way home from a night out on the town on a Saturday: chips strewn on the floor, someone being sick and perhaps a fight.
Community volunteers Cheltenham Guardians, who support the local police in the town centre at weekends, explained the bizarre sight on their Facebook page .

They revealed that a “middle-aged” woman was spotted stripping off in the middle of the street in preparation for a cat fight with another lady who, they later found out, was her best friend.

They wrote on their Facebook page: “Quite often when two angry men square up for a fight one or both may remove a shirt.
“We’re not sure if this is a show of bravado (think strutting peacock) or a desire not to get that Ralph Lauren shirt ripped.

“Imagine our surprise when two middle-aged women squared up for an altercation on the Promenade and one removed her dress and bra before fists flew.
“Thankfully Guardians were on hand to restore order to chaos and the bra to its semi-naked owner.

“It turned out that these two fighting hens were best friends. Let’s hope they reflect upon their actions and deal with their differences in a more respectable way next time.”

Angry flight attendants reveal the things they want you to stop doing on planes

Given that when we’re on a plane we’re (more than likely) heading off on an exciting holiday or adventure, you can forgive passengers for getting a little overexcited.

1. Keeping electronics on

“The most challenging thing is telling a plane full of adults to turn the electronics off multiple times.”

2. Tripping them up/elbowing them

“Be mindful of your feet, backpack straps, elbows in the aisle. I understand planes are incredibly tight and uncomfortable so I do my best to dodge these objects.

“The aisle is my very small workplace though and it’s unpleasant to get elbowed in the bum, tripped by a leg, etc.”

3. Feeding kids sweets

“Their little tummies are most sensitive to turbulence and the tend to throw up, a lot, without warning. But do bring them a a beverage with a lid and straw and maybe some gum because their little ears can’t adjust as easy to the altitude and it puts them in pain.”

4. Asking which drinks they have

“Just ask for something and if we don’t have it we’ll go from there!”

5. Piling rubbish up on trays

Reddit user yookskar explained: “Don’t pile up all your dinnerware and food stuff on the tray after a meal service.”

“They have to jam all the trays back into the tiny slots of the cart they came on, so it’s so much easier if the height of debris on your tray doesn’t exceed the height of the little plastic coffee mug.”
6. Don’t bring your carry-on when evacuating

This one’s pretty self explanatory. Just leave your bags in the overhead lockers – your life is more important.
7. Leaving stuff on the plane

“I’d look for a name, phone number, email, address, etc and spend my own time and sometimes money for postage to get it back to you. ”

8. Ignoring them

“Pull out the safety manual, actually notice where your closest exits are, and find your back up exits as well.”If you are flying over the ocean it might be a good idea to pay extra attention the the water part of your briefing. You do know how to use the oxygen masks?

Woman’s hilarious reaction to daughter struggling across ice is so funny

Caroline Charter shared footage of her mum bursting into hysterics as she watched her daughter Suzanne slipping about on an icy drive.
Suzanne keeps falling over as she edges slowly across the slippery ground while trying to get into her car .

Her dad tries to help her to the driver’s door as she grips to him for support.

All the while her mum is happily watching her daughter’s hilarious ordeal, while chuckling away to herself.

“Since my mum’s laughter is such a significant part of the video’s success, we have decided to release her laughter as a ringtone in the iTunes Store so people can download it, for further enjoyment.”