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Bizarre footage of dancing student shows girl ‘teleport into school hallway’

A video of a guy dancing along a school hallway has left viewers baffled as a girl seems to appear out of nowhere.
The clip, captioned with “A guy that can dance”, sees the young lad happily scooting through the hall with twists and jumps.
But as he reaches a crossing point he does a cheeky jump for the camera, before the girl seems to just appear.
She gets in his way and they have an awkward stand off before the video cuts off.

Grandma nicknamed ‘Little Spark’ becomes online sensation after sharing clip of her incredible kitchen dance

A 74-year-old grandma’s kitchen dance has turned her into an internet sensation after the video was seen more than 20 million times in just a few days.

The incredible footage of Clara Cecilia Rossi, known as ‘Chispita’ (‘Little Spark’), strutting her stuff was shared 615,000 times and had almost 24,000 comments.

Reports say she’s even had the singer of her dance track calling the pensioner a “goddess” and saying she wants to meet her.

Little Spark was recorded busting moves at home in the city of Rio Cuarto, in the north-central Argentine province of Cordoba.
Her performance of a traditional “cumbia” dance to La Pollera Amarilla by Gladys was seen by millions, including the singer.

In the footage she is seen shuffling backwards and forwards and from side to side enthusiatically
Gladys wrote online: “Miss Clara!! You do not know how much I searched for you! I wanted to know who you were, you are a goddess, I love you. I would like to meet you.”

“I could not believe it. I love all kinds of music, all the joyful music, I love Juan Ramon and America and I have even danced to electronic music.”

Incredible self-taught guitarist, 12, becomes YouTube sensation after stunning AC/DC performance

A 12-year-old musical prodigy has become a YouTube sensation following his stunning guitar performance of AC/DC hit Thunderstruck.

Self-taught guitarist Jiazhuo Liu has won an army of fans in his native China and now across the world after videos of his renditions went viral .

His latest showpiece, an acoustic version of Australian rockers AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, has racked up more than 16,000 views since it was uploaded on Friday.

The woman who uploaded Jiazhuo’s performance said she discovered his talents on Chinese streaming platform Bilibili .
One said: “This looks easy at first, but requires a ton of speed and coordination. He probably spent several hours every day for over a month learning this song.”

Another added: “Give him the YouTube trophy of 2017! If it doesn’t exist, they should create one.”

Heartwarming moment homeless man breaks down in tears after being given dramatic ‘hipster’ makeover by hair salon

This is the heart-warming moment a homeless man breaks down in tears after seeing how he has been turned into a ‘hipster’ at an upmarket hair salon.

Jose Antonio was offered the dramatic makeover by the salon owner who knew him from his day job working as an unlicensed car parking attendant to earn enough money for food.

He walked into the salon with grey unkempt hair and a straggly dirty beard – and came out looking like a stylish man-about-town.
The 55-year-old also caught the eye of several female admirers with his manicured look and stylish clothes.

A couple of women stopped to compliment him on his looks as other locals let in on the secret of who he was showed their astonishment.

The video was shot in the Majorcan capital Palma in July 2015 but has only gone viral in the last few days after its release for the first time.

Jose Antonio, who is now clean-shaven and has retained a healthier look although he has got his grey hair back, is still looking for work.

‘Were you wearing any trousers?’ BBC dad whose kids interrupted live interview answers awkward question at press conference

A dad whose kids have become a viral sensation after interrupting a live BBC interview was faced with some extremely awkward questions at press conference about the infamous clip.

South Korean politics expert Robert Kelly and his family brought laughter to millions after his adorable children walked in during a BBC News broadcast.

Professor Kelly held a press conference to ‘clear up’ some rumours around the clip, including one tongue-in-cheek question about whether he was wearing any trousers.

Questions were raised about Mr Kelly’s attire when he refused to get out of his chair and remove the children from the room.

But he confirmed that he was wearing trousers during the interview.

In the conference, Robert Kelly was sitting alongside his daughter Marion, who looked thoroughly unimpressed at the questions being fired at her father.

Robert said: “We are just a regular family and raising two young children can be a lot of work.

“We love our children very much, and we are happy that our family blooper – our family error on television – brought so much laughter to so many people.”

Female bodybuilder shames woman at the gym over her ‘love handles’ – and instantly regrets it

A female bodybuilder has come under fire for body-shaming a fellow gym-goer on her public Instagram page.

Diana Andrews, who has over 17,000 followers on her social media account, took a photo of a woman on a treadmill at her gym and shared it on her Instagram Stories feature with the caption ‘love handles’.

She then followed it up with a post of a black screen with the caption ‘bet she’s ordering burgers for delivery’.

Following a backlash over the snaps, Andrews later made her Instagram account private and posted an apology on Snapchat.
She wrote: ‘Im writing to express my sincere apologies for my actions.

‘I realised that I was wrong to make this silly joke. It wasn’t my intention to body shame, hurt or disrespect anyone.

‘Thank you guys for all your messages and support.’

She also posted a message on her Facebook page saying she wanted to ‘explain herself’.
‘I saw this girl walking on the treadmill talking on her phone and I made a video and added a comment that she’s probably ordering take away.

‘The whole point of this video was that she’s using her phone while on the treadmill.

‘The whole story was turned upside down by taking a screenshot and adding comments that I’m body shaming this woman. I would never do this it’s not who I am.’
“We’re living in an era where it’s normal to tell women that they’re inadequate, and that they must apologise for how they look.

“The solidarity between women is breaking down, when really, we should be supporting one another no matter the shape, size or weight.”

Is this the ultimate kisscam snub? Girl snogs stranger next to her after boyfriend ‘gives her cold shoulder’

The American sporting phenomenon of ‘kiss cam’ appears to have claimed its latest victims, after a man’s very public snub of his girlfriend’s advances backfired spectacularly.

In time-honoured TV tradition, a break in the game between Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday saw cameras swooping over basketball fans and picking out couples in the crowd, encouraging them to kiss in the name of mass entertainment.
A young girl sitting next to her beer-swilling boyfriend is apparently delighted to have been picked out, but her man seems oblivious to both her and the thousands of people watching him.
Not wanting to let down the crowds, the girl simply turns to the man sitting next to her.

Their eyes meet, they both shrug their shoulders and kiss briefly on the lips.

Everyone in the crowd is delighted – except of course, for the baseball capped boyfriend.
While she can’t understand why he’s getting so upset about, her partner in crime smugly sips his drink, with a huge grin plastered over his face.

Man prank calls Arsenal FC pretending to be a kid – finds out one thing you need to get manager’s job

Arsenal fans aren’t exactly very happy with Arsene Wenger at the moment after a crippling 5-1 defeat against Bayern Munich, but one man might have found a solution.

It turns out you only need one thing to be the next Gunners manager – and it’s available at your local sixth form college.

The prank caller, who has almost a million fans on his Facebook page Tiny Tim’s Adventures , decided to give Arsenal FC a ring and ask if he can replace Wenger at the helm.

‘Tiny Tim’ pretends to be a little kid (aged three, nearly six) and tells a friendly woman named Diane that he’d be “really good” at the job
She told him what he needs to do: “Go to college and study some sports science and then you may be a manager one day.”
He goes on: “You see, Arsenal are a magical team and with my help we can take them to the next level.”

Ah, it turns out it’s not that simple after all. As Diane explains: “There are procedures in place if you want to apply for the managers job,” before asking him if he has professional qualifications.

So does an A Level in Sports Science count or not?
Tim then tells her he wants her to get rid of the current manager (get in line, Tim) and replace him by winning over Gunners fans with free tickets.
“We’ll just give everyone free tickets cos the ticket prices are extortionate at the minute.”


Donald Trump’s St Patrick’s Day Make America Great Again hat has a really embarrassing mistake on it

It’s not long until St Patrick’s Day so it’s no surprise Trump decided to mix it up and change his famous Make America Great Again hat.

The hats, which became an emblem for Trump’s campaign, are on sale for a mere $50 to mark St Patrick’s Day
In homage to his Irish heritage the President of the United States switched the red and white for green.

But that wasn’t all he did. The Make America Great Again is now in gold emblazoned across the front and there’s a shamrock on the back of them.
Or not. Trump’s hats have quite a glaring mistake – that isn’t a shamrock.

This is a four-leafed clover.

Oracle Steve @Steve_mjt

@TeamTrump That’s not a Shamrock! Make America Smart Again #MASA not #MAGA

Clare Murphy @ClareAliceMurph

@TeamTrump a shamrock has three leaves, not four

Hairy Baby


@TeamTrump They’re going to go fast—get ready for #StPatricksDay by grabbing a green #AlternativeFacts t-shirt!

Speeding car narrowly misses police officers at petrol station as it smashes into fuel pumps

A speeding car narrowly avoided tragedy after it careered into a petrol station – missing two police officers by inches.
The video, which has gone viral since the near miss happened just a day ago, shows a car travelling at normal speed down the motorway and pulling in to a petrol station.

But the driver of the red car travelling behind decides to turn into the fuelling station at the very last minute.
Somehow, the speeding car manages to swerve between the two pumps, hitting the side of one of them but missing the attendant and one of the officers by a fraction.