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Selecting a right online school or university sometimes is harder than you think. You need a list of top online universities and schools to compare and choose from.

Online Universities & Schools
Enhance Your Online Learning Experience with eCornell CourseNotes

Since Internet has become a great resource for continuing education, Cornell University enters into this market and establishes eCornell, a wholly-owned subsidiary for online professional development. eCornell provides 100% online learning opportunities for working professionals who are unable to earn a higher degree or acquire advanced skills in full-time schedules. Read more

eCornell Certificate Programs in Leadership and Strategic Management

Want to develop strategic thinking and management skills and bring your organization to a higher level? eCornell, the online education division of Cornell University, provides a series of online certificate programs in leadership and strategic management for managers, leaders, as well as directors who crave for advanced knowledge and strategies necessary for leadership positions. Read more

Cornell University Online Certificate Programs in Revenue Management

In recent years, people working in revenue management area are more likely to get well paid. They apply the disciplined analytics to assume potential customers’ behavior, and thereby to optimize product availability and enhance revenue growth. Read more

Cornell University Online Certificate Programs in Hospitality

Whether you are a leader in hospitality or looking for a career change in this area, a specialized certificate would enhance your opportunity for higher positions. Meanwhile, while earning a certificate, you will acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills related to hospitality industry, and thus improve your customers services. Read more

FAQs about Admission Requirements of Devry University Online

Devry University was founded in 1931 and began its online education in 1998. Online education has gained great reputation because of its great flexibility. Devry University’s online campus and onsite campus offer the same programs of high qualify. As long as you reach a required age of 17 years old on the first day when you have the first class from Devry University Online you will get enrolled in Devry University Online. There are several questions related with admission conditions of the university, which may be helpful to you. Read more

Get Enrolled in Temple University Online Transaction Doctor of Physical Therapy

A Doctor of Physical Therapy, or DPT, propels your career by increasing your skills, opening more career opportunities and boosting salary earnings. However, it’s not always possible to take time off to pursue a degree full time or even attend classes on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are a lot of colleges and universities that offer this type of degree program online today. Temple University, the 26th largest university in the United States, is no exception. Read more

Syracuse University Distance Learning for M.B.A. in Business Administration

An MBA, or master’s in business administration, helps promote your career opportunities and amplify your income. However, many working adults and professionals cannot devote their time typically required to attend traditional campus-based programs. Read more

Study Online and Get a Certificate Free

About eight online courses will be provided by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign starting from this autumn. All these courses can be taken without spending a penny, and you can even earn a certificate after you complete them. Read more

Am I Eligible for UIC Online Programs

Online learning is the most convenient way for students or working people to get a higher degree without setting foot in campus. With an online program you can also take classes anytime in accordance with your own pace. Online forums and instructors are available to you once you have a problem. After you have completed the required courses, you will obtain a degree you will be very proud of. Read more

UIC Online Non-credit Programs

Unlike credit programs, non-credit programs are meant to help those who are not pursuing degrees. When you complete an online non-credit program, you will obtain a certificate other than an academic degree. Through this online program, you can earn a certificate which will be used to find a better job, get a promotion or broaden your knowledge. Read more

Can I Get Financial Aid If I Register For UIC Online Programs

As a college student, you can apply for several types of financial aid through various programs. Many students wonder if they can get financial aid to support the program costs when they take courses online at University of Illinois at Chicago. If you register for an online credit program, you are eligible for the financial aid, but if you take non-credit programs, you may be not eligible for a financial aid program. So the passage will focus on financial aid for online credit programs. Read more

2 Online Certificate Programs at University of Louisville

Whether you want to start a new career or seek promotion in the current job, an online certificate program can give you what you need. As opposed to other degree programs, online certificate programs usually take less time to complete and offer a faster track to a new career. It’s also an inexpensive way to gain valuable knowledge and learn new skills in your desired field. University of Louisville also offers a variety of 100% online degree programs, including two graduate certificate programs. Read more

How Much to Save for Liberty Online Academy Courses

Many families choose homeschooling for various different reasons, such as medical reasons or busy daily schedules. No matter why you have to make the decision of homeschooling, Liberty University Online Academy can be a nice choice for homeschool students. High school and elementary students in grades 3 and 12 can take online courses via the Liberty University Online Academy. Read more

How to Earn Additional Credit at Liberty University Online

Now a large array of online degree programs is offered for people who need the convenience and flexibility of online education. One important criterion for choosing a suitable program is the length of time required to complete the online degree program. How many credit hours are required toward graduation? Read more

Online RN to BSN: University of Phoenix or University of Louisville

If you’re a registered nurse, you may want to enroll in a RN to BSN program to advance your career. What if you’re too busy to earn an RN to BSN degree? Think it again! Now various RN to BSN degree programs are available online. As opposed to traditional RN to BSN programs, online programs grant more flexibility and freedom. These online alternatives are best suited for busy working RNs. Read more

What Does Liberty University Online Offer for High School Students

Based on high retention and graduation rates, Liberty University Online is ranking among the nation’s top 10 online universities. More than 100 in-demand undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are offered. In addition to these degree programs, Liberty University Online also has something for high school students. Liberty University Online Academy is specially designed for home school parents and students. Read more

Cornell University Online Certificate Programs for Foodservice Management

Do you have a heart for foodservice management rather than in the cooking? Or are you in a manager position faced with the ever-growing challenge of managing foodservice in a restaurant, bar, club, and other similar establishments that provide food and beverage to customers? If so, join Cornell University online certificate programs in foodservice management and take your ability to a higher level! Read more

Why Liberty University’s Corporate Education Partnership is a Win-Win Solution

Further training and education has become a popular trend for working employees. It’s also essential to invest in education to remain competitive in the job market. A variety of universities and large corporations work together to provide further education programs for their employees. Online programs are extremely popular among working professionals who are looking for continuous learning and personal career development. Liberty University’s Corporate Education Partnership is an online program like that. Read more

FAQs about Liberty University Online Academy’s Edge Program

As starting college can be a challenge, more and more high school students choose to earn college credits while still in high school. Thus they will know what to expect while stepping into a college classroom. There’re several ways for high school students to earn college credits prior to the freshman year. Liberty University Online Academy can help realize your dream. With Liberty Online Academy’s EDGE program, you’ll be able to earn college credits before attending college. Read more

Cornell University Online Certificate Programs in Human Resources

Looking for an opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and learn core principles on human resources – without a break of your current schedule? Cornell University online certificate programs in HR management are right for you. Read more

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