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What Parents Can Do to Help Children Take Online Classes

By Andrea Price, Category: Online Classes

According to the 2011 survey, more than 6 million students were enrolled in online schools to take at least one class online. Taking online classes has become a trend among students. Without any doubt, online learning has various benefits. However, it can be a big challenge to ensure the success of online learning.

Perhaps parents can provide some helpful assistance while their children are taking classes online. If any of your kids has interest in online learning, make sure to offer some in-time help. Have no idea of what you can do? The following tips can help you.

Do enough research and select the most suitable classes

Once your child expresses his/her wishes to take online classes, you should work together with him/her and find out the most suitable school and classes based on specific needs. It’s essential to do enough research and get to know as much info as possible.

First, you need to be clear about which level of enrollment fits for your child’s needs. If your child is studying at a local school and is just intending to take an online course to supplement the regular studies, then any online school will be nice. However, you may have to find a comprehensive online school if your kid is a full-time online student. There’s a big difference between part-time and full-time online students.

When it comes to online schools, you’ll have tons of selections. In order to ensure a positive online learning experience, you must consider several factors when choosing a proper online school. The major criterion can be accreditation, which can ensure the quality of online courses. As a parent, you can check the online school’s accreditation and background in advance. Where to find the relevant info? Visit the homepage of the online school and then you’ll find details on the school you’re interested in.

When selecting the right course for your kid, you’ll have to decide which type of online classes work best for your child, self-paced or instructor-led courses. Typically, self-paced classes will give more freedom and allow students to complete assignments in more flexible times. On the other hand, online students can get professional guidance while taking instructor-led courses. Course materials are usually delivered in a progressive sequence. The key to decide is to talk with your child and find out which course is a better bet.

Choosing the right type of online classes for your kid does not put an end to your research. You also need to find some other info about the online class, such as class prerequisites, credits, transferability options and study time needed etc. With a comprehensive understanding of all these possible factors, you’ll find out the most suitable online classes for your child’s educational needs.

Help your child prepare for online learning

Is your child fully prepared for online learning before registering for an online program? In the very beginning, you can ask yourself several questions listed below:

• Does your child have a positive attitude toward online learning?

• Is your kid conscientious and persistent in achieving goals?

• Can the kid finish homework on time on a consistent basis in the past days?

• Whether your child has encouraging supervision at home or not?

If you have positive answers to these questions, your child might be prepared for online learning. But that’s not enough. You need to work hard and help your kid make preparations. To ensure successful online learning, the kid must be mature enough to complete all required tasks and assignments with little supervision from instructors. In addition, you should develop your child’s time management skills, which are needed to study well and complete assignments on time.

As you know, taking online classes always requires certain technology skills. If your child is not familiar with Internet, be sure to teach him/her some technology skills that are needed for online learning. What’s more, you also need to consider whether your kid can complete assignments independently. Thus a high level of motivation is encouraged.

If you’re still not sure whether your kid is ready for online learning, some online learning quizzes can help you. These tests will let you know whether online learning is right for your child. Once you’ve made every possible effort to help your child prepare for online learning, ask your kid to take one of the online learning tests.

Provide enough supervision and support

Though online classes offer more flexibility and freedom, online learners cannot obtain proper supervision when compared with regular students enrolled in a traditional school. Thus parents will have to supervise their children’s online learning. Does your schedule allow you to offer plenty of supervision during the process of online learning? If not, you might need to make some adjustments to your current schedule.

You may doubt the importance and necessity of supervision. It’s definitely essential to supervise an online learner, especially for high school students. If your child is not motivated to learn while you’re not around, you must be ready to supervise his/her learning. As a parent, you also need to support your kid’s online learning. Technical support is also included. Generally, you must provide a computer with Internet access.

Some online courses have special technical requirements, including supported operating systems and supported browsers. For example, some online programs require the use of Windows XP or Windows 7. So you need to ensure that proper technical support is offered.

Monitor your kid’s academic progress

Keeping track of your kid’s academic progress is important if you want to ensure successful online learning. First you need to know how the online school evaluates your kid’s achievement. Some online programs may use standardized tests or displays of assignments to determine students’ academic progress. The results of the tests or assignments will be useful to monitor your kid’s progress. Of course, you can interact with your kid’s online instructor directly. The instructor will tell you your kid’s academic performance directly.

If any of your children is ready to enroll in an online program and take classes online, try to provide some assistance if possible. Then your child is more likely to work well in the online learning.

7 Responses to “What Parents Can Do to Help Children Take Online Classes”

  1. kidy nola Said:

    That’s exactly what I want to say. With more and more children taking online classes, parents can also do a lot of things, like doing research, supervising kids’ progress and so on. I just want to add that not each child is ready to learn online. We must make sure our kid fits for online learning before taking online classes.

  2. Ivan Said:

    To some extent, during online learning, parents have to perform a variety of jobs that used to be done by teachers, such as selecting the right and suitable learning programs and materials, keeping an eye on the learning process, and providing learning-friendly environment.

  3. Allison Said:

    In fact, I do not think parents should do a lot of things for their children taking online courses.

    As we know, online learning requires self-discipline and self-motivation, during which the children can learn how to choose the right courses, how to balance learning and daily life, how to get responsible for learning process, and how to concentrate on the courses without the supervision and guidance of teachers. If all these things are done under the assistance of parents, I can not see much sense of learning online.

  4. Melissa Said:

    To help children successfully graduate from on online program, as parents, we surely need to do a lot. While online programs bring much convenience and comfort, they definitely require that students (especially young children) have high self-discipline. Just as what you said, whether children have a positive attitude towards online learning or whether kids are persistent in achieving goals, I think all of these cannot go without parents’ supervision.

  5. Gina Williams Said:

    It takes a lot more time to help kids with their online school. We have to stay positive and keep them on task. It is a good idea to teach them about self-discipline too. It is hard work to do!

  6. Eugene Flores Said:

    These forms of assistance mentioned above are important to little children, including elementary and middle school students. But now a large number of high school students and college student are taking online courses. I don’t think they need parents’ help. They can handle it on their own.

  7. surplus_moon Said:

    In my eyes, the first tip “do enough research and select the most suitable classes” is what I want to say to all parents. My 10-year-old girl is in grade 4. She is also taking some online classes now. But all her courses are selected by me and her dad. Many children at her age cannot make a wise choice. So parents need to do the work. It’s important to take the right course. Otherwise, it’s almost useless to take classes online.

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